September 27, 2023

What is patriotism?

By definition it is “the feeling of love, devotion, and sense of attachment to one’s country.”

In my life, I have come to the understanding that some people have it, and some people simply don’t. Some people take pride in themselves and their country and do their duty to vote at every election, but do not do the work of really trying to know the candidates and what they stand for. They simply vote red or blue or whichever name strikes their fancy. What is the point of that? In reality, in our past, it really didn’t matter, because they all stood for the same thing, which was merely lining their own pockets, not the best interest of “We the People.” People are waking up to the truth that we have all been swindled. There is no longer a definitive line of RED/BLUE. It is becoming quite clear that our entire system is corrupt right to the very core, and has been for generations. Our dear country that we thought was honorable and just, and respectable was quite the opposite. It has been dirty, conniving, manipulative, savage, and brutal and so on. I can’t think of enough words to describe what has been pulled over our eyes, for not only our lives, but our father’s, and our father’s father’s. There was once a time in our past when people took pride in themselves and their work. They looked out for each other. They truly wanted the best for each other. Today everyone looks out for themselves. Mostly everyone is trying to get their next high, whether it comes from drugs, alcohol, sex, or just by taking advantage of someone else. Searching for happiness, which they don’t find so they grab another. Compassion has nearly died. We have been lied to about our history, about ourselves, about our futures. If we stay on the path that they want for us, our future is non-existent. Realize that this “vaccine” poison has been put into our children. Which means our greatest asset, our future, will be eradicated! It has been proven that it causes sterility. So those of you who have protected your children, I give you a HUGE THANK YOU!
Elvis Presley had a song called “If I can Dream”. My Dad used to wake the entire family up on Sunday mornings blaring it on the record player. I have a dream too.
I dream that we will all find our peace and happiness. I dream that we will no longer be divided by race, or sex, or religion, or political affiliation. I dream that compassion will come back, and we will love each other again. No worry of theft, or rape, or murder. I dream of no more wars. I dream that no one will be hungry, or homeless. That we won’t have to spend all of our time working just to make ends meet, but we will be able to live our lives, FREE from being a slave to this corrupt system. . FREEDOM. AHHH. Just the sound of that word gives me so much hope.
I admit, I have always been very patriotic. I love my country, not because of the lies we have been told, but despite them. Because of what America can be. I cry nearly every time I hear the national anthem. I always think of those that died and held that flag in the air so we could have our “Freedom”. Let us come together so that they didn’t die in vain.
>>>> We have to make REAL CHANGE. Inside ourselves. We have to let go of our need for plush comfortable lives, where everyone is trying to keep up with the Jones’.
Our future is bright. Let me rephrase that. Our future CAN BE BRIGHT. Let us learn to love our neighbors, and work out our differences and really MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. The way it should be.
What if Patriotism is influenced by propaganda? What a very interesting concept. If that is the case, then that seed has been planted and I have grown. I LOVE my country. I LOVE the military that have sacrificed so much of their lives and bodies and minds to stand on the front lines and do the unspeakable things. They have the pain that they carry for their entire lives, the nightmares, the depression, and the waking terrors. They didn’t know when they signed up what they were giving away, but I know. I know that we owe them everything. Not only them, but their family also take such a loss. Once a person joins the military, they are never the same person again.

I LOVE that I can call Mac my friend. He has helped me so much. He has been so sweet and gentle with me, even when I was an ugly upset mess!  He pushed when necessary, and pulled when needed. He showed patience when I needed it. He did not hesitate. He didn’t hold back. He jumped right in and helped no questions asked. He welcomed me with open arms. He said: Slow is smooth, Smooth is Fast. – Always hit your target. He calms me when I am anxious and lets me know when I need to be tough. He gives me inspiration to be a better me. He has saved my life more than once. He has helped me grow spiritually more than I ever thought possible. I hope this friendship lasts the test of time.

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