September 27, 2023

“Out of Nothing, we find something.”

It is not often what we say, rather how we say it. This paper will seek to describe how the “Nothing,” exists, in many forms. How war creates nothing, and how “something,” is always formed out of nothing. While the Nothing seems to be created by the something, that may have once been nothing, formed into the something that created the Nothing. The way we perceive the Nothing, as well as the thoughts that we hold in our minds, as something that will result in Nothing our thoughts race endlessly. Hopeless, is nothing, but something that once was.
We look into the Nothingness of our minds, deep within the fabrics of our own thoughts; as we look upon the seen reality, reality is something within reality, that once was and never was until now. There is always something before the Nothing, the cause of, or the ends of war.

“The Created Nothing.”

Within reality, there is always something such as, trees, birds, other living creatures, just walking around the ground, mountains and even the oceans, as well as Humans; walking around the whole of earth exploring and existing as something. Humans are on every continent, they have been to the moon, just within a closer glimpse of the stars. Often we look into the stars and think of the void of space in-between. The Nothingness that has existed throughout the whole expansion of time, we look into the stars and think within our minds, if we are nothing compared to the vastness of all reality. There is little hope within the Nothing, it is a very Nihilistic view on reality, devoid of any hope or aspirations of a better and brighter future. We look into the Nothingness within our minds and we try to find something worth living for, whether it be for the sake of just living; or leaving this world a better place than you came into it.
If it is never “what” we say, but rather “how” we say it, then truly we would have to think the same for war; how others perceive war, is not how others who experience war, see war. What others have never seen, is a perception of a reality that could in itself be nothing. Those who have never seen war, then often try to recreate it in various ways such as movies or works of fiction. In order to depict a reality that others can fear and feel, as if they had been through it themselves. That is how Hollywood and the Mainstream Media and Corporate Elite would have you believe it. But what if you saw war for what it really was? How the individual who experienced it saw it. The “war,” having experienced it, created a Nothingness inside the individual, a void that was once filled with hope, a stronger belief in “something,” only found within reality that surrounds the Nothing.

The outer darkness, a void of space in your thoughts. Experiencing war would change what was being told of the something of war, the Nothingness it created and the void that is filled with the knowledge of the Nothing. Walking through life, with every moment of thought, would be filled with the memory of the Nothingness that once was. The thoughts of hope and a different kind of happiness, which has to be something. Even if it is from the Nothing.

Out of Nothing, the perils of war derive Nothing. Which tear apart the soul; ripping it apart from “something,” that once was, turned now into the ashes of Nothing from within.

Waking up when you are young, you often wonder if life means “nothing,” trying to find something, you look past the Nothing you exist in. When you are in war, you find yourself staring into the Nothing of your mind, finding hope from something that you are, as Nothing that you were created to be; like almost becoming a machine. A machine is nothing but parts, something from the Nothing as the thought of war tears you apart. You see Nothing for what it really is, which is death and destruction and the end of all life, no matter what religion or “God” you believe in, surely you came from Nothing and you will be returned to Nothing. Even as your conscious mind allows for thought to come from nowhere, as if the vast void of space around the Nothingness that exists, moves on for eternity and within that conscious being, a vast space of thoughts

How do we find Nothing, to derive the “something,” it takes to endure war?

We often have to find something, knowing that Nothing, surely can not exist; if we exist free within your own minds?

Conscience beings have to exist somewhere. Therefore, if we need more land to expand our homeland and further our resources and political interests, then we either have to take it from others, or defend others from taking what we already have. That is where war comes from, the political and ideological expansion of personal and National interests, which is the main objective of any war.

What war leaves behind is always nothing, maybe profit for a few political or corporate elite? Is it something that leaves nothing, or is it Nothing that creates something?

War is many things derived from the Nature of mankind, the Nature of man is to wage endless war, war within himself; as well as war amongst other men. War is the moral, mental, and physical forces of Nature; warring amongst one another, the eternal conflict; the war inside all of us, to do what is right, or accept what is wrong. We live by the principles of war even in our daily lives, we compete amongst others for better paying jobs and we strive to have fancy lifestyles, we compete as if we are at war with one another always. We don’t consider who we hurt in the process, this creates Nothingness throughout societies that are affected by the atrocities of war.

Something that is important would be too detach from our ego’s, becoming one with the Nothingness people feel inside, when they think of themselves spiritually at least. Most people have no idea what will come of them, once they leave this plane of existence. Our conscious minds, hold onto the “something,” more in hopes that they can see the people they learned to love during their time on this Earth.

So from Nothing, we are able to speculate on the things that we are uncertain of.
“God,” for example, being an all ominous and powerful being, is something I find to be absurd; it would make more since that God is “all things,” including the Nothing, a collective energy and the negative duality of it. Inside our “inner-self,” or our “ego,” accessed through multi-dimensional spiritual enlightenment (different planes of thought).

Why is this important to the Nothingness of war?

It is simple if you think of it from the spiritual realm, which is nothing in this reality. So No-thing, out of “something,” if even just a collective thought of something, existing in the Nothing. If something is in a spiritual realm, it is existing in the Nothing, except that which is space, surrounding us as a vast expansion of thoughts within us. Which is Nothingness.

The Nothingness from war comes from this sudden onslaught of chaos, brought across Nations from something of a great force, individuals willing to fight to the death for what they believe in. A force of trained military men, when I was in the Marine Corps women were not allowed to join the infantry. Members of specific branches of a military, that are trained in “something,” a certain combat arms, if you will; fully capable of defending this countries corporate and political agenda. Say seeing the poppy fields expanding across a city the size of Washington D.C. Wondering if you are going to live long enough to see the next day, moving from the “something,” of this reality; into the existence of Nothing, as we see it within reality. They, becoming Nothing, as war is a decay on the Human soul for those who wage it. They become one with the Nothingness, from the time that Nothingness begins; is from the time life ends. War ends more than one life, it ends the life of the military member, the one they once knew; regardless of if they died.

In war people die, it is kill, or be killed. When you kill someone, a person is turned into Nothing, literally they are erased from existence. In war there are two sides, the one side turns the other side into Nothing, so as to remain in existence, holding onto the Nothing created. The Nothing created by taking someone and turning them into nothing, the Nothingness in war, creates this Nihilism that makes us feel as if Nothing matters. Thoughts, desires, they become your intentions, our intentions direct our actions. If one’s intentions are to help innocent people from having harm done to them, then doing what is necessary to protect them matters more than the Nothingness you may feel later from the something you are doing, which will create the Nothing. Truly the Nothingness is nothing more than a feeling we decide to accept, which are our real desires. Nothing always has to come from Nothing, as Nothing is not a place; because it does not exist.

War from ashes of Nothing. War is many things derived from the true Nature of Mankind and their willingness to inflict suffering.

War is to wage endless war, war within oneself; as well as, war amongst other men. War is the moral, mental, and physical forces of Nature warring inside us; amongst one another, forever. Life itself, as we view it, is a constant state of joy and sorrow, a persistent causation of endless suffering, followed by unexpected joyful experiences. This suffering coupled with joyful experiences, give rise to this “Nothing,” that endurance through the suffering, which seemingly causes a joyful feeling in the ending. Nothing, being the end result.

Nothing being derived from something, happens to manifest into no-thing but Nothing. “Nothing,” being that something that once was, now is, nothing left from something destroyed.

Home, love, and happiness that once was shattered into the existence of Nothingness, if “Nothing” was an end result; it is still something that once was and now never is. Nothing now but a memory, created by something that is no more but fading into the Nothing. Out of the weeks of nothing like something inside, shaken, that something that once was, almost feels as if Nothing is being born, you come from Nothing in reality, two things merging into one, is what life really is is, something for the making. A procreation of the Nothing, created out of No-thing and returned into the Nothing that now is. Energy as it is, generates life from Nothing, some “things,” such as war, take you back to the Nothing. War always creates Nothing, that is why it should in some cases be capitalized to describe a place. Nothing but chaos, out of such order is structured. Out of Nothing, order is created.

Heidegger said; “we are still not thinking.” I couldn’t find the specific place he said this, it wasn’t in English anyway; he said it in Being and Time, which I found in his “Basic Writings,” (Heidegger & Krell, 2008)

Putting it into context, our thoughts have to become our reality, what we think we are we tend to believe. We have to think thoughts into existence. However, like they are instantly created, they can be instantly and easily destroyed, turned into this nothing or no-thin that will and never can exist. Destruction spread across the “something,” that is, spreading “Nothing” in its path. Destroying that which once was, into something that is now no-thing, nothing. This is because we are not thinking about “war,” as “Nothing….”, we are thinking about it as if it is not absolute suffering. Or let us look to one other passage from Heidegger, “Being and the nothing do belong together, not because both – from the point of view of the Hegelian concept of thought – agree in their indeterminateness of immediacy, but rather because Being itself is essentially finite and reveals itself only in the transcendence of Dasein which is held out into the nothing.”(Heidegger & Krell, p. 108, 2008) This understanding of “Being,” as we understand the something that Being is, also exists in the Nothing, created by the something in war. Beings create war, therefore, nothing is created by the something that is the Beings waging war.

In conclusion, I have presented information about, “The Nothingness From War.” I have shown a sort of relation to the something that is, and the person who wages war that will create the Nothingness for no things to see is. A contrast between the Nothing created by war, and the Nothing that could exist inside of a person who wages war was simplified. I have been able to expand on this notion that “no-thing” exist within nothing and show a correlation to Nothing and war, with this I conclude, that nothing but war exists and that war, creates nothing throughout existence.


Heidegger, M., & Krell, D. F. (2008). Basic writings: From being and time (1927) to the task of thinking (1964). Harper Perennial Modern Thought.