December 5, 2023

What if we were able to take all of the pain, sadness, emptiness that we have experienced in our life times and instead of wallowing in it and becoming one with that internal darkness, instead if we were able to transmute that darkness into light. Into self-love, self-appreciation, and self-respect. What would become of us?

What if we were able to turn all of the darkness that we carry inside ourselves, or wear on our chest like a badge of armor- to prove that we are worthy. To prove that we have suffered, that we truly deserve a chance at happiness, only we will not allow ourselves the pleasure. Because the darkness does not deem us worthy. The darkness hates us and wants us to hate ourselves. We must fight back. We must rewire our thought process to think better thoughts.

Instead of thinking that we aren’t good enough or strong enough, or smart enough, or rich enough, or brave enough. If we think instead “I am worthy, I am strong, and brave. I am.” And instead of embracing these dark thoughts what if we pushed back and told them to Fuck off? Because Life is better without the black tendrils of Hate and despair that try to wrap around your throat at every chance they get.

Life can be so much more than anything that we have been programmed to experience. By consciously making an effort to think differently than we have been taught, we take all the transgressions against us, and breath new life into it. The way that God himself intended for us to do.

Instead of turning to alcohol, sex, or drugs to help ease the pain, which really only compounds the problem, but if we instead chose love. If instead we choose happiness, self-forgiveness.  Because we ARE the light. It truly starts with us. Any change that we want to see in the world starts within ourselves. We are the only change that can be made. Psychological Warfare at its finest.