June 27, 2022

I reviewed the article from Business Insider, titled “It looks like Russia hired internet trolls to pose as pro-Trump Americans

I am a Marine Veteran, I call myself a Marine Citizen and I am here to tell you why this article was written by someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about and is probably getting paid by American enemies to spread lies and propaganda into our American society.

Those Are My Freedoms

I don’t personally think they were paying more than like $2.50 USD for ads to influence the American elections. $2.50 was probably the max they actually paid as well, since their propaganda campaign seemed to fail miserably. I am sorry about this fake media bias and this lack of understanding when it comes to the American Constitution? No one tells another what freedom is, with that little understanding and experience.

The idea is, I get to decide what freedom is. I believe in freedom and anything from that is second nature. I am willing to kill for what I believe and that has happened before in real war. You would be surprised how many people are willing to ask that question, without any thought of what it truly means. Look at the intro; “Russia’s troll factories were, at one point, likely being paid by the Kremlin to spread pro-Trump propaganda on social media.” The key word being “likely”, which means this whole report is fabricated circumstantial information.

Crimes That Affect Us All

Hillary Clinton called me a ‘Russian Bot‘ for spreading information about her corrupt dealings in Benghazi. I promise it ‘makes a difference’ when justice is served and of course with Uranium One. We all can see how corrupt her dealings are, as she clearly violated the rule of law.
Now she uses some Gestapo style Secret Police tactic to shove lies down our throats in hopes we believe them. The Constitution is pretty specific and there is not one person that can give me anything other than pure speculation and false media rhetoric to as why the President should be impeached.

The 25th Amendment is not reason enough, when 2/3rds of Congress is guilty of treason. They are in clear violation of the Emolument clause. No matter what they say, they can not use these tactics. Hitler said (paraphrased); “make a lie big enough, keep repeating it, and soon they will believe it.” Which is a propaganda technique and a logical fallacy.

Giving it All Away

I saw a trend that was undeniable rising up in America on social media. I saw this trend when social media was created, I have friends who can do some interesting things with code. But I noticed that people were willing to give up all their information, to allow for their privacy to be invaded.

Social media became a tool to divide us, everyone became an expert and knowledgeable on every subject and social media became a public debate platform. It was now about proving others wrong and validating yourself as right. But what makes us right and others wrong? Isn’t truth really subjective based on our individual viewpoints?

Disagree Don’t Control

A person’s opinion can not be wrong, you can disagree with it. But, people have no right to silence the things they do not agree with. I used to talk to real Russian “Bots,” or just Putin Propagandists. Our enemies are always watching us.

Truly Understanding Means Doing

Of course everyone is an expert on war and the military until they are not, usually that follows me correcting them on everything they said. Everyone knows someone who served, or they had a parent who served and that is honorable. But it is in no way a comparison to actually serving yourself.

It takes dedication to be willing to fight for this country, knowing how much corruption exist in it. But like Edmund Burke said; “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to stand and do nothing.” He could have said ‘people in the 21st century’ since there is a large group of men confused on what gender they were born with already. So let’s keep things ‘PC’.
So for me, I personally am not a Russian, or a robot. I am an American patriot and no one is going to tell me what freedom is, or what is good for me or the safety of my family. I can make all those decisions myself.

Semper Fi!