January 16, 2021

12 thoughts on “Russian Bot

  1. As Thomas Jefferson once said; “All that is required for tyranny to gain a foothold of any Nation, is for men of good conscience to remain silent.”

    Try adding me on Twitter again and or messaging me, I am hardcore censored there, beyond anything. Wonder if we could get your name put on the ballot? Would have to see if we could raise money, if I had the money I would pay the fee. We all need to stand now, I believe People like you need to stand now more than ever. Because; once our Constitutional form of Government is changed from Freedom, it may never be restored. Liberty once lost, will never be restored.

    Semper Fi Dennis!

    Again sorry for the late reply, I have been buried in fascism going to college in Utah. Especially since Romney invaded my State.

  2. Yeah Twitter deletes all my accounts, or permanently suspends them. I call it Twitterny, sorry for the late reply, I am being spammed by Russia, more than likely because of this.

  3. Just wanted to let you know. I responded to you on DM, Twitter would not allow me to do so. I haven’t checked on the actual space to see but surmise that will be the case as well.
    Twitter has become Publisher. Must be treated as such.
    Found out recently My Counties RNC Committee Chairwoman is an old friend, called her to confirm. She in turn informed me Committeeman in my District is empty. She would like me to write my name in and have others do same. In thought process right now leaning towards a yes.
    I can’t stand by and watch things change for the worse anymore. Minor position but position all the same.

  4. Thank you Sir!

    I agree we are at a turning point for sure, I like to think of Edmund Burke when he said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to stand and do nothing.” Or Thomas Jefferson when he said, “All that is required for tyranny to gain a foothold of any Nation, is for men of good conscience to remain silent.

    If you scan threw my website in my book section there is a lot of information. I have also written a few stories about Mk-Ultra and operation Paperclip, First Amendment and so many more. I am writing a book right now about my Marine Corps years.

    My hope is to help expand peoples perspective and enlighten people to the truth of the world.

    Also, I pray you are right also. Because if not, then we are both wrong.

  5. Interesting Mac. I admire your courage. I agree with your 1963 comment, many can’t comprehend that statement. Noticed the change gradually over the years of what President Trump coined Fake News. Those of US who were aware knew of things to come. MSM pushing agenda forward through many different platforms such as TV, radio, magazines and other print along with advertising. Think tanks used to manipulate public into acceptance of agenda’s 20 years ahead. All managed by groups we seldom know the names of. Infiltration of USA by foreign interest as well actually began before 63 with government approval. Operation Paperclip was a more well known of the programs harvested Nazi War Criminals for USA to use in its war machine. As well as Van Braun for Space Exploration. Imagine telling the Greatest Generation at the time he was a Nazi Scientist and Officer. All hidden from the public. The Military Industrial Complex along with his own party took out a sitting President for goodness sake. President Donald John Trump is either the real deal or a very good plant, I back him+voted for him+will again. The time is coming in the next coming months for my verification of his legitimacy to be determined. I pray I have been correct in my faith.

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