June 27, 2022

The Warrior Messenger is someone willing to stand in the face of adversity, look upon it with a grimaced smile and say “not today, I stand in your way”.

You look upon the shadow of doubt and question what authority it has over you. You feel uncomfortable to find comfort, with pain comes understanding, and those who have tasted death, have seen life.

Modern Warrior

You have no fear except of the unknown, not that you will die but knowing you will survive. The Warrior Messenger is a modern day person, who has set out on a path of misery, to find life in his own suffering. This can be a choice, if you decide to accept it, pain is a warm feeling. Pain is pain but it will never always be the same. Getting the perspective of others will almost tame your mind to see their personal reality. There are many Warrior Messengers out there, they come in many forms and sizes.

Only Forward

The young boy trying to hide on the inside, and be a different person on the outside. You hide the true feelings because those are the past, you have put that behind you. There is no going back, only forward and every decision is another move towards a better version of yourself. Just don’t make the same mistakes twice. You only have one voice and your voice should be heard if you have a message to give. Suppressing it will only diminish yourself, you have to dig deep and share the message you received.