June 27, 2022

Learning to control my mind has and will continue to always be the hardest thing I have ever tried to do in my life.

I say try because you have to never stop doing it, if you stop then you lose focus and you have to start over. So where does someone begin to learn the tools to mastering focus? First you have to learn to master other things around your life, I would start easy.
Pink neon 'and breathe' sign against leaves

Take a Breath

Learning to master your breath is simple if you just think about it, literally just thinking about breathing teaches your mind to master the art of breathing. Try to stop breathing! Did you hold your breath? Then I would say it’s safe to say the breathing may be the one thing that if you stop thinking about you would literally die, right?

Master a New Art

So let’s master the art of thinking about breathing, the first step is to take a breath.
After that let it all out. This time as you breathe in think about breathing in all the way. Once you can’t breathe in any more air, hold it, count to three and slowly let it out through your mouth.
Keep breathing in through your nose, slowly all the way. Not until your lungs feel like they are going to burst but just until they are full. Hold it for three seconds and then let it out slowly through your mouth, thinking only about your breath.
Doing this for 5 minutes twice a day can take away a lot of added stress caused from the daily stressors of life.