June 27, 2022

What is the “I” in any sense, other than the “I” you sense yourself to be?

How you identify, and the reality that you see yourself in. That is transcendental in itself, but a reflective “I”, is not to neglect the reality that “is”. If I am a conscience being, of myself, then I am a self-aware conscience being. But I am not a “tree”, in a sense that a tree is planted in a foundation. As beliefs are often transmitted into a “foundation” of beliefs, that constitute the “I”, or “ego”. I am not my beliefs, or my ideas. I am my actions and the decisions I make with information I receive.

Transcending “ego”, can be viewed as an acceptance of “I”, or the realization that you are aware of what you are. I.e; I am a man, therefore I can not be a women. Is not to negate that there is not the rare occurrence, which one, finds themselves to be conflicted on “how” they identify. The fundamental belief that I have to accept anything someone tells me from a government entity, is the literal definition of tyranny. How you identify yourself, has to align with cognitive reality, meaning if you have male characteristics then how am I to know that “you” identify as something other than what I see? People say I have a disorder. Let’s break down dysphoria and not confuse it with a “disorder” like (PTSd).

Dysphoria: “a state of feeling very unhappy, uneasy, or dissatisfied.”

This is what happens when a person does not accept reality for what it is, and their perception is distorted by irrational feelings left unchallenged. Why are people wanting to change who they are? Is it something being orchestrated within society? I do not reject someone or anyone for that matter, for what they merely see themselves as. I reject the idea, the fundamental notion that a government entity has the right to legislate laws that prosecute someone for their misunderstanding. Hate crimes are hate crimes, what I am speaking of is a system of governments limiting the free speech of one, in favor of another.

When you silence one, you silence another, and it turn silence yourself. 

Telling people it is ok to be whatever they want to be is a logical fallacy, in its entirety, when it does not align with the collective reality of the majority.
Now I am not to say that I do not accept these people, I personally do not care if a man wants to be a women, or vise versa. The point is them forcing me to believe they are something, why would I be silenced in my view that of biology or religious theology, these considerations should not be ignored?

Why is the speech and beliefs of one not treated the same?

If they force us to accept that which we do not truly believe, we are slipping into tyranny.

Thomas Jefferson said it best; “All that is required for tyranny to gain a foothold of any Nation is for men of good conscience to remain silent.”

Women, men, man, woman. Words are words, and none of which have any real meaning, except the meaning we apply to them. But to abridge speech is tyranny, to force beliefs on others is fascism, and to control conscience thought is Communism. So can we as American’s stop listening to the Chinese or the propagandist machines? The Chinese use thousand year old tactics to control their entire Nations people, very similar to North Korea but in the guise of democracy. In China their country is massive, yet they force their citizens to live in cities, they have cities that that have no people living in them. In China their ideas are out dated and old, and we as a society need to stop using old ideas to come up with solutions to new problems, problems the world has never seen before. No one could have predicted smart phone technology and not one person of the past could have predicted what a connected world would even mean. But instead of expanding ideas and fostering beliefs, the belief that we are all probably wrong. We break each other down, we vindicate ourselves as “sound” and we structure our reality to force it down the throats of the collective majority, in favor of our own.

When does the madness stop?

I digress.