June 27, 2022

I feel I am dreaming, what is this dream?
What type of meaning can I find?
Beneath my clouded mind
Is it something that I can hide?
like a wonderful bliss deep inside
We are all one of a kind

There is Something within my mind, almost impossible to find.
I often wonder if this is just another daylight slumber
Like an endless runner during a midnight summer
Wake me from this reality yet unseen
My broken mind left behind so unclean
A forgotten meaning, we are all dreaming

I have seen this war, a nightmare of a never ending dream off shores
From reality within my mind all thoughts left behind
What does any of this mean, when can I be clean?
A never ending memory, is this daunting past of mine
This dream within a dream, story on rewind
A dream of time, forgiveness seen within our minds

It is your time to shine
Forget the past, time left behind
Set your goals high and free your mind
You are all one of a kind
This is a story yet to be told
Watch it as reality unfolds

You try to fit the mold, break that hold
Like an earthquake shakes the earth below
Stop looking around, stop looking at the ground
Find what is inside, look deep within your mind
As you grow insane, all you can do is find
More hope for loss and loss for all mankind