June 3, 2023

I was a Squad Leader in this battle. Follow me here to hear my perspective and read my story.


“The date was February 13, 2010 and we ha already been outside the city for weeks surrounding, planning, training and warning the citizens what was to come.”

“You cannot stop whats coming!” 

The battle that was too ensue, was a fierce battle, one that I live with daily in my head. Even though I sometimes feel that my role was small, I have to reflect and realize that the citizens of this great nation do not understand the atrocities of war or even experienced the glimpses of battle as I have seen them. I think that to understand the virtues of life, one must also understand the perils of life. Watching a movie, playing a video game, even as getting to a real life situation where we do paintball, is no comparison.

These things are but trivial to real life, in real life there is no instant reset. You loose something as small as a piece of your thumb you’re out of the fight. Close the book you where writing about your deployment, you are on the next bird out of here. So many small fights are waged by the foot soldiers on the ground, young Marines banded together by a bound only a few would understand. Knowing that you can close your eyes and sleep, while the enemy tries to find and kill you is comforting.

Think of how your life is now and the liberties that you take for granted each day, remember the soldier as he paves the way. Freedoms are earned and rights are built, foundation of this nation will remain as long as the will of the strong lives on. We are all strong inside and just like Plato’s Allegory of the Cave we all need to learn to live outside the “cave” and not reject each others ideas with hate or infliction of disparity. But fight until the bitter end for our eternal salvation, which is the continuance of the next Generations