August 9, 2022

This story was given to me by a friend, they have a story to share and I hope to spread their message to everyone willing to read. There is a lot of truth to be told in what she wrote, please comment below with information that you have on the Masons and their control of this World. Symbology will be their downfall! 

I was born in “The Secret City.” Oak Ridge, TN. More infamously known as the city where the Atomic Bomb was created…“The Manhattan Project.” Many citizens in O.R. (as well as other cities across the U.S.) were purposely & unknowingly injected with &/or exposed to radiation, uranium & plutonium. Now that the govt. is admitting it in doses, my (very programmed…non red-pilled) Mom even suspects that her mother was a test subject. By the time she was 47, she had suffered mysterious ailments for as long as my Mom could remember. She had 2 amputations on her leg. She had a partially collapsed lung. Melanoma. Major Depression. And a very rare blood cancer, Polycythemia Vera. During a hysterectomy, the dr. punctured my grandmother’s good lung. Her body just couldn’t any more. 47 years old.

So, her husband (My Grandfather) was a devout Mason. His Dad wore his ring religiously & had a full out Masonic funeral. My Gfather requested one, but gave his life to Christ a day before he passed. 🙌


Anyway, he worked at the Nuclear plant after he returned from WWII. I do know that he was not only exposed to deadly let’s say elements, but that he also brought some home. 😳 I digress. His equally devout best buddy was a highly decorated WWII Vet. Higher ranking than my Gfather. He, of course, ALSO worked at the nuke plant…and…yes was an equally devout Mason.

When I was 9 years old, my parents had to travel for business. I was left with my Dad’s parents. However, my maternal Gfather referenced above was to come pick me up to take me to his bff’s “farm.”

I very clearly remember pulling up to the land, and thinking how weird that it was just a house on a lot of land with a large forest….no animals. Not a farm. We walked to his friend’s door and announced our presence and they had old man small chat that I largely ignored. My Gfather & I then walked over to a well with a hand pump, and he let me pump it a few times. He pointed over at the trees lining the large area of forest, and suggested we go for a hike. My little human instincts were screaming that something was way off by that point. I grew up with a lush, mountainous forest in my back yard. He lived dead in the middle of a gorgeous forest. Why here? It was just a plot of forest on this dude’s land. I legitimately thought, as irrational as this will sound…but my little 9 year old brain thought ‘he’s gonna kill me. He’s taking me in here to kill me,’ and then we walked into the forest line. And flatline….beeeeeeeep . . . I have zero, zilch, nada recollection of the rest. My next memory from the point of walking into that tree line to standing in my Grandmother’s house again. And I remember thinking, ‘I feel so stupid. He didn’t kill me.’
And my Grandmother was standing over me, lighting matches, and plucking 5-6 ticks off of my head and neck.

I contracted Lyme Disease that day. My entire life changed immeasurably that day. I would go on to be undiagnosed and untreated for 30 more years, causing irreparable neurological & immunological issues, among countless others in every system in my body. The “conspiracy,” which is all documented FACT regarding Plum Island off the coast of Lyme, CT can be easily researched by searching for Operation Paperclip on DuckDuckGo.

My diagnosis 4.5 years ago led me to my initial rabbit hole of distrust of govt. agencies. The CDC was blatantly lying to the public. The IDSA board members all have special interests attached to the past and future Lyme Vaccines, own patents for the only CDC Acceptable testing standards for Lyme that KNOWINGLY do not work, and snuffing out competitors. The insurance companies do not want to acknowledge Lyme, so they play the game too. It’s truly criminal. It is a Pandemic by this point with truly no answer for hope in sight.

So, in closing, I will answer yes, that I DO believe, just like my Gmother was, I was a Masonic offering. I do believe we were both exposed to harmful agents and vectors as medical test subjects. It breaks my heart to say it, but I do believe my Gfather played a role in what would ultimately kill both my Gmother & me.

Huge sigh of Relief. I need Red-pilled, woke, white hat, God fearing, Educated, Researching, Truth preaching people to hear my story!


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