August 9, 2022

“2021 is coming to an end and the truth is within sight, all anyone has to do is look and they will see it for themselves.”

A person convinced against their will, is always of the same decision still. One of my past friends used to say that to me with a slight variation, I use it often.

When you look to the internet you see a different world, it is someones mind portrayed as they see it within their own mind. This is what technology is meant to do, it is a tool to connect you with your inner ideas. With the expansion of social media and the technocracy of the 20th century, a new era is forming amongst us. Yet again for the first time Americans have an opportunity to grasp onto a boom and change their lives forever, except this time the rest of the worlds people have the same opportunity. They too can reap the rewards of an expansive technology, free themselves of their tyrannical governments forever.

However, they are not all going to give up willingly. This time we can do it without a literal fight, all we have to do is cut off those who have no moral understanding and decide amongst ourselves not to war each-other.

China will pose a problem as their soldiers breed from birth and are dedicated to defending their Nation. Asian/Oriental and all other people of the Eastern World have only ever known absolute government tyranny and tyrannical rule.

Only The People have the right to liberate themselves from their radical governments control and persecution. It takes all The People, working together, to get them all to willingly step aside. In America most of the people who represent us serve themselves and sacrifice the rest of the Country. We all can feel it and we see it, however having a lot of millionaires in the States shows the potential of what others can earn if they come here and work for it.

I think some of the richest Americans have to be Asian and Indian immigrants. My father immigrated here from Greece and although I have never met him, I feel a connection to my Greek heritage. It is easy for someone who has a lineage tracing back to and relate from where their name and heritage originated from. The other half of my name comes from Northern Ireland and the UK, they came here in the 1800’s. We are all fighting for the same dream, a blind opportunity for us to create what we want out of.

So everyone comes from somewhere else here in America, except for one group. The Native People or the Original Native Americans were here before, we conquered them for the most part for the land, they did not give it up willingly. History talks about the great wars of America prior to us succeeding from the crown. Most people are not really peaceful when asked to share their property which includes land. The government owns most the land of every Nation, in America you can own property but it is not like it was 200 years ago.










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