August 9, 2022

An outline necessary to be followed, a detailed description of duties favorable. I have created my own version of a few sayings engraved in my memory, disseminating information has become an “Art of War“, in a modern day theory. Most people spread misinformation, which makes them “fake news”.

Objective of the Propagandist Disseminators: “To locate, consider with, and disseminate the propaganda by logic and witty banter, or reject the medias analysis, with formal logic and rhetorical reasoning.”

Most schools in America; from kindergarten to college, appears the doctrine is too instill a socialist, fascist or otherwise communist ideology into the future generations of this Nation. This comes more from the curriculum over the teaching of the professors. Every semester I hope; “this is going to get better, it appears that the good guys are winning.” But; like any battle it is how you win, that is important. We are clearly at war with an invisible enemy, the only invisible enemy on the battlefield, is the psychological one. But with the push for Common Core, a stupid and almost absurd form of math by the Obama admin and personal friends. With Pearson, giving Obama $65 Million book deal, you can see the corrupt political establishment is at the root of the problem.
The majority of kids that I have seen in college offer the most biased perception, they offer their opinion based off the perception of others. Usually some MSM rhetorical bullshit; or another treasonous Political distractors, even Hollywood actors, that have a hidden agenda to push a narrative. Perception is reality, and they seem to want to lead the world to some “One World Government“, as explained in Agenda 21. Making the future generations of this Nation, non-believers in individual freedom and push a Socialist/Fascist agenda of some type of “Communist Manifesto“. Like Governments have ever solved anything throughout history? Without the misery and suffering of everybody. But; of course it was on tv, “so we better believe it”, perception is reality.

Why do we believe everything we see? Why are we not willing to disseminate, but instead intentionally spread the fear and hate?

I put together an idea for people willing to stand against tyranny, to disseminate information, rather than push the Corporate Political Media wheel, an ever growing propaganda machine of war and profit, for the few based off the suffering of the many. It is like Thomas Jefferson once said; “All that is required for tyranny to gain a foothold of any Nation, is for men of good conscience to remain silent.” I say men, because that was the literal quote. Governments long standing should be changed, when they no longer represent the people. It is easy to shut off the invisible war on Tv, until it comes into a reality. So many have yet to see.

If you erase history, it will be destined to repeat itself almost daily.

Things like “Virtue signaling” and “Politically Correct” speech has become the new norm, and people scream “equality” while seemingly silencing all opinions and ideas they disagree with. I saw the lie of social media all the way back to DARPA’s; “LifeLog“. Which was designed to collect the social interest of individual’s and help influence our behaviors. Coincidently enough, DARPA shut down their “LifeLog” Program, the same day as “Facebooks” inception. I implore you click on the links and learn the information for yourself. But we have to remember, if we silence one we silence another, and ultimately silence ourselves. Small groups of people actually care about what is being said, or even how it is being said. Those small groups seem to have a hidden agenda, and often revolve around a the corporate political agenda. If they move to silence the majority in the favor of the “minority“, what makes you think they wont crush the minority in an instant? Once everyone has no ability to speak out instead?

So on February 4th, 2004 DARPA, shuts down its “LifeLog” program and the same day “Facebook” is founded by some kid named “Mark Zuckerberg“, who appears to be a complete idiot. He almost says nothing when he speaks, and he looks like a robot at times during things like his senate hearing.

I have a hard time believing in coincidence, so closely connected. When do things become mathematically impossible?

But people are unwilling for the most part to stand for anything, so they seemingly fall for everything. I find this very interesting that people want to explain everything from a perspective of understanding, especially when they have never personally experienced it themselves. I find experience to be the connector of information to provide useful knowledge, or “Wisdom”. But for the most part on the TV screen, mainly MSM and Hollywood, all I have saw was a deceptive lie. A society willing to buy everything other people say, rather than finding out anything personally themselves. I feel like the only way to counter this false rhetoric, is for a few people to stand against it. It is uncomfortable to challenge a narrative, especially one that seems to go against individual values or beliefs systems.

Is a form of manipulation and has been used in every war since the dawn of civilization. Sun Tzu who wrote, “The Art of War“, outlines tactics to win wars. Many of these tactics have been adopted into modern day warfare, more specifically COIN Strategy. Which is a systematic strategy; used to destabilize a radical regime and replace it with something else, by collapsing it from within and replacing it with, what has always existed inside, “THE PEOPLE“.
People can believe what they want! But; if you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.
I am seeking to help change the course that we have been set on, by those who have lead us and who only sought to deceive us.

My plan to disseminate false propaganda, the media bias and the political desperation to spread only fear. Simply by being more than just a voice of reason, it is easy to pretend we matter in life. But; it is harder to stand against a majority, that seems to disagree with everything within rational normalcy.

What we do with our choices, backed with our actions is what really matters, it is how I believe we should fight. This Nation, and the American people have been deceived for far too long, most people decide to remain silent. It is up to us to make the decision to shine through the false rhetoric, we owe it more to the people who sacrificed everything, for us to live free, regardless of what a fascist teacher says. Most teachers will think in their head; “I am not a fascist, I teach to help educate.” But really a good portion of teachers push a socialist agenda. It is just like Thomas Jefferson once said; “All that is required for tyranny to gain a foothold of any Nation, is for men of good conscience to remain silent.”
People want to talk about equality for all, while seemingly saying nothing about atrocities still happening.

In 2015 I helped create an idea, my idea now is to help disseminate the propaganda.
It is simple, we merely use the Propagandist Disseminators mission; and disseminate the information rather than spread further fear.So we can achieve an overall objective together.

I have put together a team of a few individuals on social media, were we disseminate misinformation and propaganda and identify fake news and fear-mongering information.
We seem to be attracted to gore and violence like some form of mental masturbation, or self gratification off the suffering of others. Just like the term “Fear-mongering” describes it to be. It is an old tactic, one I hope to help stand against.

Mission of the Propagandist Disseminators is; “To locate, counter with and disseminate misinformation, by logic and rhetorical analysis. And to discredit propaganda and the false media bias, with witty banter and logical facts.”
Seems like people hate the truth, and since truth could be subjective. Our goal is to provide undoubting proof, through logistical analysis. I took everything I learned in the Marine Corps Infantry and have applied it as a teacher, war taught me that war is almost always unnecessary. There is only one way to justify it; I wrote a story about it in a Philosophy class after the teacher told the class “military is often guilty of war crimes”, and then in another class were they said everyone in the military is guilty of war crimes from the lowest guy, to the top ranking brass. I was only a Corporal

Here is the battle I was in:

Battle For Marjah

We provided indirect fire support using the M252 81mm Mortar system. We are known as “The Battalion Asset”, to the Marine Corps Infantry Battalion. But teachers like “Professor” S****; a self declared fascist, claiming to be Communist and Socialist according to INS standards and shouldn’t even be American with that thought. Has the nerve to call members of the military murderers. I will never forget this prick.He said he is tenor and can’t be fired. I challenge the people of Utah and Utah Valley University to call for the resignation of all Socialists, indoctrinating the future youth. They are instilling Marxist ideas into the future generations. Which is to help create a fascist government using the poor to guarantee their objective.

I did my job, it was not my duty to question why it was to do or let my friends die. Like the verse from the Poem “The Charge of the Lights Brigade“;
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do and die.

Digital war may seem like a real war, and is for sure a type of hell. But it is only what we make it, and if we spread misinformation are we really helping? Or are we potentially executing innocent people? How would we want to be treated as an equal?
Disseminate all information! Stand for what you believe, whatever that means. Or fall for everything and collapse into tyranny as a Nation. I used Facebook/DARPA connection and Communist Elite “Professor” D**** S**** as an example of how I disseminate information.
America is a Nation of laws, we can Judge but we can never allow ourselves to be the Jury and Executioners. If you see wrong, disseminate and help people form their own conclusions.

Because; if you are wrong, and you only judge someone, little to no harm will come, minus them potentially hating you. But if you take it into your hands to be the judge, jury and executioner. If you do not have all the information and you are wrong, you will have to live with this mistake for the rest of your life.