June 27, 2022

“We exchanged one rule, for the rule of another, we never became free. Just indentured servants, for what they hoped would be eternity.”

Ch.1 The Plan: Planting a seed, sowing the division:

The Plan was set, and the players all willing and ready; facing out the window with their backs towards the objective, away from Q, at least that’s what we thought to call it, this story predates me. I only joined an already growing movement. Q initiated the orders, they were simply “slow the division”. The enemy had a plan to sow the division within the Nation through a mass media indoctrination campaign, where they would use some of the older tactics in order to accomplish their goals, some of the concepts probably taken from Confucius, developed by Master Kong and lasting for almost 2 millennia has shown it an effective tool in building and establishing an effective authoritarian government.

This campaign was going to wake the masses, and no one would even see it coming. Because, the people involved wanted nothing. They were Patriots, ready to stand and defend the Nation. A Nation unwilling to return the favor once the Patriot returns home, sometimes from a long drawn out war. One that beat him down every day while he was there, until what he could only imagine to be the last of his days.

Question the Narrative, it’s not what is being said, it’s how they are saying it. Open your eyes and wake your mind.
Mass information became completely available to a seemingly blind public in 1991, with the creation of the internet. Most people spend their entire day listening to what others have to say. Some spend their day learning, that was the intention of Anons. Just your average Patriot, you can teach yourself anything, “they all chatted at once” when you are in mass communication with everyone.

Ch:2 Head of a Snake: The Serpent and the Crown

She wore her intent in her smile, her evil was seen for miles. The Queen was all that was seen and all that others worshiped. She took order like….

Too be continued…….

Ch.3 A Planned Opposition

The narrative was laid out pretty clearly, Senator* had a clear running shot at victory. He had won over the popular vote in numbers never before seen. The masses were so great in magnitude, the energy their expressions created lit up the room. The corporate media bias, focused on Hillary as the Big banks had influence with money that could persuade even the faint at heart. Hillary has seen the greed first hand, when she knowingly defended a child pedophile, early in her career. That right there tells you the type of person she truly is, since she is corrupt as they come it wasn’t hard to persuade her to lead the false narrative, and with the mainstream media in their back pockets the civilian population never stood a chance. With the focus of the masses Bernie was gathering to his rally, the word spread fast, fast into the eyes of the Elite. The ones who benefit off the suffering of the masses, their influence runs deep into the political system of every country. They use countries to gain control of the most powerful resources, they aim only to gain from war and death. They do this by deceiving the masses and fooling them into thinking that they alone can change it, the people not realizing it would take the whole of them to defeat them. Inflicting suffering wherever they set foot, turning everything they touch into barren ash. Adrenochrome, their drug of choice seemed to be the fountain of youth and takes decades off your appearance, the only problem is with how the drug is best extracted, there is no real research you can find on the drug, you can Google and WebMd but what you find in the end is nothing, there is nothing on the powers of this drug; or what it does to those who partake of it. Giving them a high like none they have ever felt before, they go back decades in feeling and their skin looks young again, as long as they keep the supply coming in, the steady flow of the blood. It honestly wasn’t too hard to come by, the elites spoke amongst one another, it was easy to obtain if you had the right amount of cash, and what better way to create it then to instill it and hide behind the military or just men in white coats that look like the trustworthy doctor. It is easy to pretend to be something that you are not, you get to instill the fear and drink the reward that is sure to come. Oh did we fail to mention that adrenochrome is best extracted from a frightened child? The horrors they do to the children is almost unbearable, let’s just say it’s something out of some type of ghost story horror movie. That is how unreal it happens to be, something so horrible it could only be told in a fairy tale or in a movie like IT. One that you can warn your readers about before they continue on that truths are harder to swallow and the more you know the more life seems to choke you up, you start to find out the darkness that exists in the world and you have a hard time following along.

Ch.3 Formulating Orchestrated Division

It is almost poetic how it all started to unfold, he was staring at his computer screen, it was black and had fallen asleep, he wasn’t clicking anything, just staring at the blank screen, his reflection, deep into thought within thought as he stared mindlessly into the black screen. His reflection, a persistent reminder of all the things he had done, or didn’t do, the thoughts were always sporadic and all over the place, you try to hold on to what you can but because they come and go so often you try to focus on what you can and just live in the moment, they are going to be there one way or another. You have already read all the evidence you needed to read, you saw their personal emails they sent one another. How better to learn the true nature of someone than to understand their individual thoughts and intentions, usually that is what you disclose when you send an email. It is a digital imprint of your thought for that exact moment, you type it down and begin to write your thoughts out, they become one with who you are personally. You can only think the thoughts that have lead you to begin every thought that you have had.
Waking up he realized he didn’t even set an alarm, 0400 couldn’t come fast enough. “That’s right,” he thought to himself, ‘you don’t need an alarm anymore’, at this point it was just embedded in who he was, who he had become. Once a Marine, always a Marine, or at least that’s how the saying goes. It was always easy to look back on life and reflect as if this was only a dream, a distant reality, a mindless mentality. So many things have happened over the years, what year was it even again? Hard to keep track, especially with all the racing thoughts. Anyway’s let’s just start and see how this pans out, he thinks to himself as he lets a small sigh out and realizes he is out of coffee yet again. I needed a run anyways, it’s only a 10 mile run to the coffee shop, ten miles back, 20 miles could be done in 4 hours no problem, why not make it 3 as he buckles down hard hitting the pavement in stride. This is where freedom really was, the streets, movement, repose, getting the blood to flow.
Whenever you are looking to collapse an empire, history has shown the most effective way is by collapsing it from the inside. But how do you collapse a Republic? An empire that has been standing for hundreds of years, one backed by an armed Civilian Populace? First, you disarm the Civilian Populace, you do it with subtle laws and you hide it behind the mask of “protecting citizens, never revealing your true intentions”. It is as if we never learn from history, because Hitler did the same thing in Nazi Germany durning the 1930’s and was quoted saying, “To Conquer a Nation, disarm its Citizens”. This should be frightening to everyone who has ever studied the history of World War Two, or ever fought in war personally, and the devastation and destruction that almost toppled the world every time a tyrant tried to impose their single view upon it. Tyranny comes in many forms, hiding behind terms like for the common welfare, or to protect the community, does nothing for the people of any Nation. Can a weapon or “gun,” as they are so often called really harm anyone? The answer is no, a weapon without a human is nothing, and a human without a weapon to protect themselves could end up becoming nothing. That is how tyranny seeps in, this is how a country is conquered from within. Those unwilling to stand for anything, will fall for everything. They allow for themselves to be controlled and manipulated to believe everything that has to do what anything. For the sheep is always distant from the herd and the herd is always distancing themselves as sheep. The most effective way to separate the sheep or the people of the Nation is to create division amongst them by pointing out their differences and making their differences seem as if they are a minority or something. People want to be part of a group, so in reality everyone is a minority because no two people are the same. But if you focus on what makes people different it creates competition, it forces them to divide themselves and make the irrelevant, relevant. Statistics matter and if we do not take numbers into consideration, w really can not stand as a single Nation. We are fighting one another based off of our differences, when in reality we should come together as one and exist amongst our differences. We are all different and that is what makes us all the same, not one person is like another, not even identical twins have the same thoughts in their heads. Thoughts become our perception of our individual reality, your perception is reality, so thoughts become reality. What you think you are, you will be. Not in the sense that if you think you are a tree, you will be a tree. But if you think you can fly, then you don’t jump off a cliff and assume you won’t fall, you build wings, or you design a plane and guess what, the thoughts that you can fly become your individual reality. You can do whatever you set your mind to, the only limitations that exist are the ones you set up in your own mind. But what if you are told what to think constantly? What if you think things are different than reality, because your perceived reality is what others tell you it should be. Their thoughts become your perception of reality, regardless of if it is true or not, what you see you tend to believe. Your inner perception, becomes your outer reality. This is not how it should be, but the only thing necessary for evil doing to occur is for men of good intentions to stand and do nothing.