June 27, 2022

Commonly known as CBT, Cognitive Processing Therapy is a formal therapy combined with learned techniques to overcome past trauma, by reflecting on it in the current moment.

Basically you have to learn to view your past actions in the present and change how you feel in the present about your past actions.
Reverse psychology on yourself, kind of.

Tools of Change

I have included some of the tools that I have found useful to help me change the way I think.
This video kind of shows the thought process of people who are not Veterans, because PTSD is not just something that happens to the Veteran community. However not all pain is the same, some people have different experiences and these are what bind us to our individual reality. Some are bound in false ideologies.

Combat PTSD

For Veterans a different path is probably better for you, because combat PTSD is different than other forms of trauma. Something only a few ever experience and one no one should have too. CPT Book Handouts-2017

The path to healing starts with making a decision to help yourself become a better person.

Military meme with George Orwell quote
Coming back from what it takes to remain free is something that is hard. But there is a way to acceptance, that moves you forward.