September 27, 2023

I will try to summarize this the best I can. This is my understanding of the reality we live in, the deception we see and the endless control on my thoughts.

Society always at some point through-out the course of its existence, comes to a cuspis. For a need to change, to transform into something entirely different.

At that point it will transition from what it is, into what it already was. It will become a self realization of a Nations population is filled with opposing views of the same information. This will transition from generation to generation, time to time throughout all of history, it will change constantly. As populations grow, individual rights start to lose control. For the few elected who represent the whole of all of us, gain control and of themselves seek to control the whole of us. This requires a police force to hide their criminal activities and distract us with petty crimes. The police of the Nation can not be very intelligent, for anyone who has any ability to think for themselves will be able to see the lie the elitist tells them.

Empires only fall; ultimately, absolute power only corrupts absolutely. When a Society forms it has only one place to build from and that is from the bottom moving up. As Rome was built up it was built just as any other it started and spread, it conquered and controlled but in the end it only fell to the division from within. It transpired to something else maybe even transitioning into the Catholic church putting a building on every continent or Nation on this Earth, that can just be left up to the imagination. What power has risen in the last  242 years and put over 900 military bases in a 123 different counties. We have spread and conquered and now have been set on a path for division from with in. The last thing we could do is allow that to happen as we work together to repair this Nation and tear down the boarders within. Other Nations have their problems and I am sure we will be able to help in the end, but if you allow your focus to settle with comfort at best you have allowed yourself to miss an opportunity to make a difference and change yourself so you can change those around you. By simply showing them that you have the ability to find from within the person you have always known yourself to be and the ability that you can achieve what you see in your mind. The guidance comes from with in and that power either driven from an outside faster or something within. You must learn to harness it and power the focus you have and achieve what you see in your mind so that you can give back and change whats inside.
Helping Others.
Start with how is always a good idea, even though you have probably always heard start with why. The why determines the what, but the how determines what happens so the why has to be directed behind the how because that defines you. How you do things is how you are perceived to others, if you focus solely on the how they why will follow, what comes up will always be up to you The driving factor should be the gut instinct but do not mistake that for reacting in any situation. Learning to control your mind and focus your thoughts will teach you to respond rather than react so you can live with no regrets. I remember almost everything that has happened in my life and there are many times that a reacted in a way that causes regrets. I hope to teach others based of the mistakes of my past to learn from one another and find something from within. The best part of being able to help others shows that you have compassion to others, but when you help others it makes you feel better some call it the serotonin effect, I just call it the singularity affect. You feel empowered because the reward is external the feeling comes from somewhere else. You just helped someone regardless of what they thought of you before they will never forget.