Tue. Oct 27th, 2020

Seth Conrad Rich was a DNC staffer assigned to helping figure out voting trends and patterns to help Hillary Clinton win the Presidency in 2016. Had she won, I doubt I or anyone telling this story would be here.

What Did Seth See?

Seth Rich probably saw stuff he shouldn’t have, more so he saw a pattern of voter fraud. You know the dead voting for democrats is not a ‘conspiracy theory’, right? That is actually taking place and it is a theft of every right to liberty. Seth wanted to get the info out, who to trust?

Guccifer 2.0

Seth seemed to be a smart kid, not far off my age. Just another Patriot, no different than I, or any other in that sense at all. Because had I, or you spotted a trend of voter fraud we would have also said something, because it was like Thomas Jefferson once said:

“All that is required for tyranny to gain a foothold of any Nation is for men of good conscience to remain silent.”

So as Americans we speak out! To be not only heard, but listened to.

Seth Rich memorial plaque

As a Patriot I imagine that Seth felt it his obligation to speak out. To speak out against the obvious theft on constitutional freedoms that are happening. He was just passing a message along and that was when in April I got another DM on twitter. This time it was from a guy named “Panda”, I imagine it was just a pseudo name to cover a real identity. A story like this would be sure to draw attention, and if I was on the other side I would have been suspicious also.

What if Seth Rich was ‘Panda’? it would make sense wouldn’t it? Not that it matters, the information is what is important. Seth deserves to be honored if this was him. I wouldn’t expect glory either though, and I am sure that he was probably the same way.

Kimdotcom tweet about Seth Rich

Seth Uploaded the Server to Kim Dotcom

So I imagine he took a thumb-drive large enough to download the whole ‘server’ onto. Probably something along the lines of a Putin Pass, enabling him to get the information out of the DNC and to a secure loaction. This hack took place on or around April 26th 2016 (yes I realize Guccifer 2.0 hacked them around December of 2015, I think I got a DM then also).

The point is Seth took the server and uploaded it to Kim Dotcom, an internet entrepreneur who is hated by America because he is smarter than some of our spoiled rich kid politicians. It is worth looking into, even the fake main steam media was forced to look into it.

From there Kim was able to upload the DNC server to DNC Email Database who gave the information to the free world. From there a fake media campaign was launched to discredit the emails. Get you focusing on the ‘what’ and not the ‘who’. The what being the ‘hack’ and the ‘who’ being the ’emails’. We only talked about who hacked them, not what was in them. What was in them was alarming.

What’s Inside?

I will be going through things slowly as I paint this long drawn out picture. Because it is not one thing and it is not all things. It’s important to focus on each thing individually.

Most people focused on who hacked the emails and never even read what was inside them. Except a few of us. Who are probably somewhere on this place called the internet, spreading truths and hoping to change perspectives.

Who was Bradley “Chelsea” Manning? Why is he/she a traitor?

By Mac

I am looking to change the rhetoric and perception of the American Veteran, one person at a time. #Post8ForLife Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

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