For me personally, I like to look into the credentials of the person writing the article. When I looked into Scott Detrow, all I found was a very biased review of him. It was the same thing repeated over and over for at least the first 5 pages of Google, with a few variations of the same thing in between. It was simply ‘Scott Detrow is a political correspondent for NPR. He covers the 2020 presidential campaign and co-hosts the NPR Politics Podcast.’

Mythological Credibility

This says a lot about an individual and the first observation is that he has little to no credentials outside going to school and being a reporter. Nothing wrong with a person who only goes to school and then gets a job, but if you are going to report on politics I think you need better life experience. This article seems like nothing but MK-Ultra.

I implore you to do your due diligence on everything you see. Disseminate all information endlessly and use critical thinking to formulate all logical objective view points. The news should be nothing but objective fact, not subjective opinion. I personally do not care what a person thinks, I want to know what they have identified as fact. I want proof, not speculation. That is mind control rhetoric, we are a free and open society.

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Diving into the Article

In the article intro, he merely states an opinion based on little to no real investigative journalism. It was as if he Googled the information he was looking for and reviewed the first 5 options Google offered him. The media in the 21st century is a modern day mockery. This all boils down to Operation Blue Bird. Go ahead and look into them, the information has been released to the public.

Now to the article, this is easy. Cambridge Analytica saw a voter trend in the midland state. They focused on the middle class, saw a trend and used it to their advantage. This is less of a problem than Facebook selling their users data, which they 100% do. It is also less of a problem than lying and making false promises. Obama..cough….cough. I really could make a fairly large list of the corrupt officials in this nation, maybe if you click the list there will be some info. It is easy, the link opens in this page, you click back and here you are again. No new window pop ups.

Facebook terms of service

In it Chin Deep

“It has been a bad week for Cambridge Analytica. Multiple state attorneys general are launching investigations in the U.S. into the company’s misuse of 50 million Facebook users’ personal data. The company has been suspended from Facebook in the wake of a New York Times report revealing that it violated Facebook’s terms of service for using personal data. And, following a series of undercover sting reports capturing CEO Alexander Nix making outlandish claims about the company bribing politicians or entrapping them by “sending some girls to the candidate’s house, Cambridge Analytica’s board has suspended Nix from the company.”

Not to mention Facebooks terms and conditions are a violation of our Constitutional rights, many of which most Americans have no idea they are entitled too. A corporation can not limit speech, that is not a freedom they have the right to. Especially when we allow Congress to be members of the boards of these companies or to have friends and families on the boards.

Time to Check Out

“It’s big promise: developing detailed psychological profiles of every American voter, so that campaigns could tailor their pitches from person to person.”

Well it is a ‘big promise’, when you claim to report ‘fact’, or ‘truth’, but all you report is your perspective and opinion. This isn’t a game and this clown is a disgrace to journalist everywhere. His entire article is based on little to no real information.

A woman sleepingThis is the paragraph that has you stop reading and skim through the rest of the garbage writing that anyone with half a mind can see is nothing but logical fallacies. “While Cambridge Analytica is now associated with Donald Trump’s general election campaign, it was Texas Sen. Ted Cruz who first employed the firm.” This news article was written in 2018 and President Trump is the President of the United States.

Hear the Birds?

It is one thing being some random punk in college thinking that repeating MSM is going to make you cool when you have no real proof of anything you are saying. But it is another when the media, which I consider anyone even like this guy a form of MSM, they are all effectively spreading the propagated lie. Like the good little Mockingbirds they all are.

Cross Reference Everything

I put together a list of books I think would help people better familiarize themselves with some of the aspects of psychological and possibly digital war. War is a dirty game and social media gave everyone access to endless information and fast communication. We should never simply believe something because someone wrote it, I couldn’t even find info about what else this ‘reporter’ has even done. If you can even call him that, he seems like another establishment hack.

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Protect Your Information

“In explicit contractual language, Cambridge Analytica affirmatively represented that all data used by them were obtained legally, that they would conduct their operations ‘in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations,’ and that they ‘hold all necessary permits, licenses and consents to conduct its operations.” This basically says it all, Facebook sells your data.

According to this there are the data brokers quietly buying and selling your personal information on Facebook.

Only problem is if I willingly give Facebook my information and then authorize them to sell it by accepting their ‘terms and conditions’, who is really at fault? Or should we have a right to privacy? Because according to the terms, you don’t even have to log into Facebook from a device for them to access it, you just have to be associated with it.

By Mac

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