Wed. Oct 21st, 2020

This was a short story written by my friend @5Flutterby.

She is a Patriot.

The Nothing… Welcome

Nothing by definition is not anything, not a single thing. What does nothing mean to you? How would you define it? What does it conjure up in the mind when you think of nothing? Think for moment, consider nothing… have you tried? What happened?

Let me me begin and I will tell you what Nothing is…

Nothing is a place, not a moment in time, not a building either. Confused yet? Good I will continue…

My Friend Nothing

The Nothing is an old friend of mine, it’s familiar to me. I have spent a long time in the Nothing, only to return to life each time. Let me explain, the last time I was in the Nothing I wondered to myself how long I was to remain.. Eventually I was realized, back into the claws of life to battle again.

Trying as I might I have battled, fought, been defeated and tried again and again with life. But eventually the time comes I must return to the Nothing. Am I making sense? Perhaps not…

Man with his head in his hands

The Agonizing Journey

The journey to entering the Nothing is excruciating, harrowing, uncomprehending pain. You must feel it, live it, let it consume you and after the tipping point there is no going back. The journey has begun.

Crying, uncontrollable wailing in physical pain, mentally you break. You can’t stop it now it has started. It eats your soul, the pain. Pounding your fists as your body convulses, your face wrought in pain. Eyes shut, yet you can taste your tears.

This moment of the journey to the Nothing has no time limit. It has a beginning, will you ever reach the Nothing during this time? You beg for yourself to finally arrive and if you’re reading this and wondering how you will recognize the final destination of the Nothing. Trust me when I say you will know.

Hello old friend, life as finally released me smashed into a million pieces and returned me to you.

Man standing in front of starry background

The Nothing

My Nothing is the place we’re I’m located, very similar to stars in space. I’m in the black vacuum, now I’m here I look back at earth 🌍 as life carries on. I see sunrise and sunsets. I watch as the worlds of humans carry on their daily struggles, I’m but a voyager now.

Sounds from earth, birds traffic, children I muted and filtered out. In the vacuum of the Nothing you feel no physical pain, no emotional pain, it’s gone. So where did it all go? It was lost. On entering the Nothing your brain slows to a crawl, your body slows. You don’t need your body here, it is the place to just be. I wondered sometimes have I died? What happened to me?

The Nothing gives no answers. It holds you there suspended like stars. This place I will remain, for how long there is no answer. Will I miss life? Will I want? Will the pain find me here?

Canoe in the middle of open water

No. You feel absolutely nothing, you think absolutely nothing, you need absolutely nothing… Stay suspended in the vacuum. Turn everything off, it’s no longer needed. No soul, no passion, no fear, no thought, no sadness, no loneliness, gone…

Welcome to the Nothing I hope you enjoy your stay!

By Mac

I am looking to change the rhetoric and perception of the American Veteran, one person at a time. #Post8ForLife Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

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