Moral Mental Physical

What is moral? Doing what we know is right. Empathy is pain which becomes emotional…

Notebook page with diagrams

Reality is suffering is all around us. Life is suffering but it is how we choose to live life that will get us through this suffering.

If we learn to control out inner desires, by changing out outside influences. Our natural forces of nature will change around us. Perception is reality, take away the suffering by becoming one with it.

Loss is Pain

Hesitation and self doubt will cause resentment, greed and hesitation will cause control.


If you focus on your memory and you have discipline in your suffering, if you can maintain focus on your breath and have endurance. You can overcome.

This will be lonely. You will be lost in your isolation, become one with it. I am talking about inside, so surround yourself with love, hope and compassion from the outside.

By Mac

I am looking to change the rhetoric and perception of the American Veteran, one person at a time. #Post8ForLife Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

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