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Jul 23, 2020

One day you will wake up and see that everything is made up, from a fabrication of your own perception of reality. You begin to notice things in reverse, but still moving forward. Always moving in an onward direction, forward towards a new tomorrow.

The Frequency

The alarm is going off slowly in the background a distant humm going off inside his head as he wakes up, 0315 every morning. The frequency is the only thing that is ever different. The tone changes sometimes or it is often at a higher frequency. That static only adds to the humming or sometimes it is a ringing, depending on the temperature outside and that often brings in different memories. The dew point also seems to have an impact on the ringing, if it is snowing outside there is a different pitch than if it is raining outside.

So the weather seems to have a big impact on different tones and frequencies that I seem to be accustomed to now, but from time to time the intensity of the sound increases and the sound is almost deafening. It becomes overwhelming at times and is like a grenade has gone off next to my head. Or just dropping a mortar round. Depending on the charge and round type, those things are loud.

Illustration of frequency waves

My Story

I wore ear plugs that were defective the whole time, everywhere I look on facebook there is some random lawsuit. I might as well try but what are the statistical odds? I guess at the end of this story we will find out if I pursue it or not. Either way this is a story told my way, by my words and very biased because of course this is a book about life. My life in particular and one that I find rather odd to tell in the first place, so I have tell it as it is. Adding in all the stories in between, that is what makes a story a story. All the things that happen in between.

You start to go back and remember and as you remember that past seems to fade away onto the pages in front of you. The words transcribed meaning to the pages as you write them down and remember how it was back in those days. The past creates the present which will define the future, and ultimately prove to you what you are capable of doing. This is that story and all the stories in between which are flashbacks and as we go forward we erase the past and create a new present.

Start Date

The day was February 20th 2007 and I was standing on the yellow footprints, at what they had already showed us how to do in the delayed entry program or DEP for short. The longer you do that the more time that they take off of your actual service time. You have to do an 8 year contract. People do not even think that 4 years is enough to define you, but then you go to college and you get that time and it ultimately defines what you do for the rest of your life.

Those few years create the person that you are to be for the rest of your years, or some would have you believe. Because they can say the same for 4 years in the military, but when you decide to become a United States Marine Infantry Man, you write a blank check up to and including your life. Then you train to preserve that life and to preserve the man to your left or right from there on out.

Left hand preparing to write on paper


If I was on patrol with anyone I would be in the center or off to the right, because I was left handed and most people are right handed. One thing all left handed people have in common is that they are the only ones in their right mind. You learn to do everything that is designed to do it one way the opposite way and everything is geared towards a right handed society. Even the paper is designed specifically for people who are right hand dominant, which is kind of messed up when you think about it. Both options should be readily available, who is anyone to tell me what hand to use. This is my hand at life and I will choose what I hand I use to fight.

Delayed entry program was just me having an excuse not to work and going running and talking with a bunch of Marines all day, asking about the Marine Corps and having them tell you how to get ready for bootcamp. Which wasn’t really that hard in hindsight. Looking back at everything that I did in the Corps it is safe to say that bootcamp was the easiest. People think that a United States Marine is created in Bootcamp have not been a Marine in the United States Marines Corps.

In the Real World

When people look at a Marine instantly they think of some recon black ops sniper, more than likely imagining someone like Mark Whalberg from Shooter. The truth is that is a very small percentage of actual people, generally guys who work alone but attached to other groups of individuals. Mainly infantry platoons and attached as a guardian angel, someone that provides over watch for the Marines as they move on the ground. Always watching but never seen, they hide in the shadows and provide overwatch from all angles. The Marines know they are there, but the enemy has no idea of their existence.

That really isn’t what a Marine is like, most are just your everyday Marine. The person who thinks they are better than the person in front of them, the one trying to beat themselves daily. Every Marine has it instilled in them at bootcamp, that they are apart of the world’s most elite fighting force and to the Marine this means more than the words describing it.

To the Marine they are esprit de corps, Semper Fidelis becomes their way of life. They are defined by the uniform they wear, the weight that they can carry and the drive that is born inside of them.

Marines doing an exercise in bootcamp

A Forged Bond

A Marine is created, through sweat, blood and tears. A brotherhood forged together through hardships experienced together. Bootcamp was the easy part. After bootcamp I was able to go on 10 days of recruiters assistance, that is where I worked for my recruiter instead of taking traditional leave. Which is just another way of saying vacation.

In the military you get 30 days paid vacation per year. If you go on recruiters assistance, you can save your ‘leave’, or vacation days and either sell them back or use them towards the end of your enlistment to go on what is called ‘terminal leave’. This is where you get out of active service early and go home and wait for your official time to end. I will fast forward 4 years for a moment, as every time I went home I opted to work for my recruiter over taking traditional leave. I left my duty station on December 30th 2010, 60 days before my official separation which was a hidden date in February **th 2011.

A lot of people will always look to the ending, but never finding the beginning. Today is the day you begin living, the ending is always the beginning.

When one ends, another begins. So recreate yourself and free your mind of the past you forgot to leave behind. The past will never change, but the present can. By changing the past feelings you will move forward to a better future.

By Mac

I am looking to change the rhetoric and perception of the American Veteran, one person at a time. #Post8ForLife Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

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