August 9, 2022

Join me and write out your trauma anonymously. I can barely turn on a computer when it comes to coding, but I will hack the Human Mind.

Join me here to discuss trauma as you see it and feel free to insert emojis and hashtags and add pictures too. No restriction on speech minus being racist or stupid. Fallacies and debating is stupid, argue your own position from both sides and then tell me why I should believe it, I will form my own conclusion and either tell you to Fuck Off. Or literally call you a stupid idiot until you expose yourself as such. Wait 2-5 years and do it to you again on a different platform. Possibly change my opinion and draw a different conclusion based on new information.

Because sites are limiting my speech and I have a lot to say. So please sign up for my blog and feel free to send me and email if you want to contribute, if you want to just read no further action is needed.

Eventually there will be two options, subscribe for $1/moth to receive discounts. Or just read and enjoy the random discussion about trauma. I am Aaron, but you can call me Mac…. It means; “Son of,” you can fill in the blank.



4 thoughts on “Unlimited Bandwidth

    1. Welcome! I am glad you subscribed to my blog. You are an author here now, so feel free to share whatever you want. None of your information will be shared, your privacy is important to me. In order to process and heal from trauma, I feel that sharing is the best course too healing. That is why I created the PTSDiscussion…. Feel free to share as little, or just write about things as you see them. Sometimes that is what I do to process trauma.

      I appreciate you! Semper Fidelis Fellow Patriot!

  1. Hi, Aaron.
    I’m lurking around the site absorbing some good information.

    1. Thanks for subscribing to the PTSDiscussion Karen! I have made it so you can share stories here as well, feel free to write about whatever you would like. There is no censorship or suppression here. We can interact with each other, or just share what you want free of censorship.

      I appreciate you! Semper Fidelis Fellow Patriot!

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