We are a nation which prides ourselves on our independence. We are the land of the free. We are the home of the brave. Our forefathers fought and died on our own soil to abolish slavery. Yet I look upon my countrymen and realize we are slaves to another Master.

We have become subjugated to our addictions. The greatest issue facing my generation is that we have become addicts. We believe happiness can be found in a pill.

Life-Threatening or Fools Gold?

How many of us, or at least a family member, is on at least one prescription for something that is not life-threatening? I find it hard to believe that we have really become a country full of people who can’t sleep, or can’t get out of bed. There are countless drugs being hawked on television like hookers on a street corner. It seems like every day there is some new miracle drug coming on the market which promises bliss in a bottle. We line up like worshipers on the alter of Big Drug Companies and believe whatever they are selling will lead us to salvation.

Do Designer Drugs Work?

There are legitimate medical cases in which these so called designer drugs do benefit people. I am not discounting chemical imbalances in the brain which the right medication can regulate, allowing the person to live a preferable life. I am also not speaking of the medications which can lower blood pressure or keep a heart condition manageable. I am speaking of the average person who is unsatisfied with life so they believe they need to be on some sort of “happy pill”. I speak of the person who convinces their doctor they have chronic pain of some kind , so they get a prescription for pain medication.

Who is to Blame?

Is there really some major epidemic of depression in our country? Have more and more people actually developed chemical imbalances? I asked ten people if they would be willing to share with me if they are or were on some sort of anxiety medication, or sleeping pill. Seven out of the ten admitted to being on, or have taken a variety of sleeping pill in their lives. Eight of out the ten admitted to actually being on an antidepressant or anxiety medication. Does that seem high to you? I am not an expert but that seems like a high percentage to me. In the past ,I have spoken to friends who had a rough patch in life. They were so quick to ask their doctor for medication. We seem to have become afraid to face reality if it’s not easy.
We could lay blame on the doctors for writing the prescriptions. We could lay blame on the Big Drug Companies who give kick backs to the doctors for pushing one drug over another. We could also lay blame on the media. Everywhere we turn we see ads for medication that we probably don’t need. From my point of view these drugs can become the worst kind of addiction. We become lifelong serfs to the pills and we aren’t even aware of it. At least with street drugs we are usually very aware we are being led down a path of destruction.

Addicted to Everything

It’s not just the designer prescription drugs that have us caught in the web. We have also become addicted to food, television, sex, video games, the internet, liquor, cigarettes, and pornography. We do not admit or realize they are addictions because they are legal, but they are still addictions. We are hooked on escapism. Everyone seems unhappy at work, school, and home and eager to find a solution. Don’t think too much. Don’t feel too much. Don’t be angry. Don’t be worried. Don’t live?

Be You

My fellow Americans, it is ok to have a bad day. I give you permission to have a day where you just don’t feel perfect. Life is a cycle. Some days go better than others. Some nights we sleep better than others. We can be free. We can be brave. We do not need a prescription for it. We are human. It is our birthright.

By Celeste

Proud American lady. Patriot.

One thought on “United States of Addiction”
  1. So very true, I lost both my Grandfather that raised me and my aunt to a “miracle” weight loss pill “approved” by the FDA of course. Also watched the effects drugs have on some of the members of my family, it has crippled our Nation. While the big pharma companies make billions. Thank you for sharing this great article!

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