Thought comes at an instant. Think of your mothers face, did you get that image? The thought was instantly in your mind. When we dream, we dream of where we have been it helps us reflect and deal with our days.

Some people dream the same things over and over in order to try and learn how to cope and deal with that day. But because thought is instant and people want to take the easy route, they forget. They forget everything that they dreamt about and forget to internalize it into a better version.

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Remember to Forget

Thought is instant, so they start to instantly think of things to forget it. They pretend they didn’t dream or they start to imagine every little thing they can think of. The truth is, every day you might wake up and have to face a new challenge that has never happened to you before. But it’s ok, you are strong. We as humans have the capacity for so much more within our own minds.

You read a lot of books and the people are achieving amazing feats of endurance. They can run the furthest and swim the fastest. But because everyone can think, if we put our minds to it in thought we too can do it. No, I am not saying everyone can run an ultra marathon with no training or join the Marines, or become a Navy Seal.

I am saying that everyone has the mental capacity to become something else within their own minds.

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Detaching from the Rage

If people are angry, then they can change. They can lose their ego and detach from that angry self. I have done it. I am angry and I detach from that self daily. I try my hardest to ignore my inner feelings and just keep pushing forward every day. A lot of people give up at some point during every day, it’s like they forget to see the moment. They live in the past or try and create the future. They think they can tell the future and maybe some people can.

I Sympathize With Your Thirst

Maybe people are good at predicting patterns and are able to imagine what might possibly happen. Maybe they have been here before. Maybe I have experienced your pain. Not the same pain, but an identical situation to the one you are experiencing now. I am not saying that I am special, we are all like this. There are people everywhere who, no matter what, might have at one point experienced a situation that is similar to what is happening to you now.

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By Mac

I am looking to change the rhetoric and perception of the American Veteran, one person at a time. #Post8ForLife Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

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