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I have watched over the years as the military has made global moves around the world to help stop Human Trafficking and Pedophilia.

I have also watched a lot of people rise as a distraction, and try to discredit them. I feel this way as a Marine Veteran who has personally talked to over 10,000 Combat Veterans and other military personal over the last 10 years. With well over 100,000+ non-military as well about change and how to achieve it.

President Trump has created more executive orders to end human trafficking and made more arrest than any other President in History! But people still discredit his efforts endlessly.

Here is a good section of books. That talk about different conspiracies and other various forms of mind control, as well as just some interestingly good books. You can use these to help educate yourself, I have read the majority of them. At the bottom of the book section you can find a plethora of Executive Orders and other court docs.

“The Storm Explained”

“The Storm Explained”, was written by a girl named Paris Martineau, click the link to learn about her. She has no idea what she is talking about and seems to be making this up based on info found at the Foreign State Site known as 8Chan, or 8Kun now, I wouldn’t recommend using either. She is working with Austin Steinbart who is nothing more than a rich millennial who seems to have known some of the elites like McCain, who was a traitor. In my opinion, this is nothing more than a distraction. The story makes no logical sense, and Austin SteinLARP has no baring or tact whatsoever. Just his handling of a weapon in one of his posts instantly discredits him. But I like to use proof and his FBI charges and court doc says it all.

In the link below is McCains interview after the “accident”, he shows no emotion and no remorse for what he did. Also, how does someone “accidentally” discharge their weapon? There are no accidents when it comes to weapons, only negligence. You can decide what you want to believe, but this clown had mansions and regardless of truths he is guilty of negligently discharging his weapon and killing 134 individuals. Anyone should be able to see the lie in his eyes. I can’t even talk about the people I bombed in war without crying. He has no remorse, nothing.

Anyways; it looks like Paris wrote this fake “Q” story, not sure what her objective is/was. But she has failed miserably, military is not filled with idiots.

Military is filled with highly intelligent people of all colors, shapes and sizes. On the BATTLEFIELD we are all camouflaged. Patriots have no allegiance to anything but untapped LIBERTY, unwavering FREEDOM.

Q was a LARP from the beginning, either way, real or not. QAnon Most things are a distraction and stopping people from looking at real information like that of Robert Steel:

Or learning COIN Strategy, which I am very fluent in. COIN is a “counter-insurgency_ strategy, used to destabilize a radicle regime and replace it with something else. The way you do this is; by collapsing it from the inside. It is a slow and painful process. At the end it will feel like nothing but despair, all hope is lost. An effective part of the strategy is to use a media bias to sway a populace. Getting the younger generations to influence the old is helpful. So what side is right? Who is winning? You have to look for yourself to see the signs.

To all the People of the World trying to bring awareness to this ongoing issue, I value your courage, the Plan continues, arrests have already been made. If you think Epstein killed himself you might be insane.

Look at the Harvey Weinstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, court docs, or their connection to Jeffery Epstein.

A LARP is a live action role play and getting the population involved is always necessary, but using constant confirmation bias is annoying, and that is all these trolls are showing. How do you get an untrained population to back the military objectives? You LARP it into existence, either way I can’t really be wrong at this point.

Or maybe I am? Either way I digress.


By Mac

I am looking to change the rhetoric and perception of the American Veteran, one person at a time. #Post8ForLife Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

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