January 16, 2021

5 thoughts on “PTSDiscussion

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  2. Thanks for the response Donna-Lynne, I agree with you. I have never personally tried EMDR, but I have looked into it and have considered trying it. But things kind of shut down, I still have plans to look into it in the future. I have worked with doctors personally for the better part of a decade and have been able to find a lot of tools to help me get through. I have used more of ACT, acceptance commitment therapy, which has helped. Along with meditation and one on one plus group counseling. The number one thing that has always helped me is discussing it. That is the main goal and focus of this website. Which is just in the beginning phases. So I do appreciate your contribution! I reread this comment and realized I completely missed something. I found something that worked for me. It is a long painful process in my opinion. It is a combination of a few therapies I have found.

    Semper Fi!

  3. As an SRA Survivor from the 60s, I’ve guinea pigged myself in pretty much every therapy, to attempt to fix myself and others. My mentor Sarge Harold Schaefer, a Vietnam Veteran, who worked with the VVA, and I became allies in the help of his fellow veterans.
    EMDR Eye Movement and Desensitization is great for reoccurring flashbacks. The brain gets stuck on a note, like a scratched record, not remembering the part where safety entered, and continues to skip. EMDR quickly gets the brain to understand safety did come, and stops that reoccurring theme completely. I have preformed it on many with success, but my own treatment of it, from Uri Bergman, L.I. N.Y. was dismal and created more problems than it helped. In my opinion it is good for one traumatic event, nor long term, and reoccurring only.
    Again in my opinion, an outside source near the brain with some form of energy would unblock the scars of PTSD.
    Here is the identifying marker of PTSD via the MEGscan:
    (I’ve yet to see updates of Apostolos Georgopoulos which I’m sure are intentional)

  4. This is right o point I have to agree. It truly is all on how willing you are to over come your trauma

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