In every person’s life lives a single moment for that person to connect with that life. That connection is dictated by your action and your actions are created by your decisions.

Most people are born as they are, knowing nothing. You are simply created out of nothing, only living to become something. As you grow, you are able to know what actions you must show in order to grow. As you grow, your actions must dictate the type of person that you are now.

Self Reflection

Now knowing; in that moment, there is a single decision to become something greater, greater than the person standing in the mirror. You are simply just a reflection of your own creation. Not your parents, not your surroundings, but the things that you surround yourself with and the person that you want to become.

You are on a star of your own future desires and how you get there is something you have to guide. Not only yourself but by those around you. People will help you through this journey that is life and it is your journey to help others throughout life. Giving back everything that we are given and only given one chance to make that decision.

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Your Story

Decision are actions played out in a story dictated by your reactions to those actions and how you respond to those around you. People that surround you should also influence you and the way that those people are influenced should determine who you let surround you.

Negative influence must be avoided and the intent should be only to help, never to harm. If you seek to deprive, you have no right to survive, you are here to help. So replicate your actions and your desires.

Circular Nature

Positive thoughts give positive action. Which will always generate a positive reaction. Avoiding reactions to scenarios should be your daily routine. You should not let the people around you also surround you with their thoughts, rather help you to further your own thoughts and to let you grasp the literacy of those inside your life.

You have to give to those and let those give to you in order to grow in this life. As you grow in this life, you will sometimes come to realize that how you respond is not always how you react and how you react is not how you should respond in most reactions. So you must learn how to channel your emotion and focus your energy. So when the time comes to react, you do not hesitate and you move as though it is a natural action. As you have grown to force yourself to absorb the negative reaction without hesitation. Passing influence through self desire.

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Make Your Life

When able to captivate the moment and use the opportunity that you have in this life to make the most out of life. You are born in an area and as humans we are able to travel and communicate across vast areas of land. We are simply holding ourselves back by saying that we are unable to do something because of our circumstance.

You create the opportunity that you have in this life to make something out of yourself by the actions you take to create the person you see that you want to be. No matter how far into the future that possibility is and who you chose to go through this life with you are able.

By Mac

I am looking to change the rhetoric and perception of the American Veteran, one person at a time. #Post8ForLife Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

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