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Israel – a Priestly Nation, a holy people. Intended to be as a reflective beacon of God’s glory to shine to the Nations, like the Moon to the Sun and yet this was not perfectly fulfilled.

They were sent a Messiah as we all know. But this Messiah came far sooner than what was expected. Indeed; at the burning bush, Moses was given a vision! By and of the Great “I Am”, Yah, Yahweh. What is not often disclosed to the Christian is that this Yah is a deity within the Egyptian pantheon. Indeed, even as Jesus (Yeshua) was sent southward into Egypt’s land (resulting in the only good to come of such an action), so was he sent southward into Egypt’s heavens for the purpose of his divine orchestration. He laid before Abraham’s children the foundations of the priestly Nation which they were intended to become.

It was here in this rebellious land of Ishmael that he exercised his Father-Given Lordship over the (Elements) in the time of the Exodus. Ra’s very skies were darkened, the Nile ran red and even the exalted toad which was deified by the Egyptians was made a mockery before him. In a gout of duality with his father he – like the moon – commanded the sea to part with his flaming Father’s backing. For though his Father can be as a warm hearth, he can also be likened to a destroying flame.

And it was after this point that Yah truly became flesh. For a prophet though Moses was, it was the Paternal Mentor Aaron who raised Yahuah/Yeshua (Joshua). And it was from this bond that he was raised into the Messianic Warrior he is known as today. The river Jordan yielded to his presence as the Holy Presence was carried across it. And here he conquered as a king, with the aid of his watchers, under his Father’s auspices.

But left to their own devices, Israel fell into disarray, as is Chronicled in their historical tomes of the Tanak.

Now, we must take an intermission to explain one point. The symbolism of the morning and evening star – Venus. Indeed, representative of Eve. In this context she is a messianic symbol. For as “Eve” means “life”, the Messiah is life. And as Eve was sent to Adam, from Adam’s flesh (“Adam” translates to “Humanity”) so was the Messiah sent to humanity as a human. With that explained we will proceed.

Even in their disarray, Israel clung to a symbol, a symbol of the new moon cradling the morning star (as was custom at their new moon Sabbath feasts). This symbol represented Israel cradling Yah – their Messiah. For though associated with the Moon, Yah was not the moon but the Messiah. It is his priests, watchers and keepers alike to are truly of the moon. This symbol is no doubt familiar to the modern man. The remnant of Ishmael who fly under the banner of one of Egypt’s wounded but undefeated idols “Isis” wear it. Indeed their entire religion brands it. This religion is abhorrent for one reason above all others. Their chief deity “Allah” is derivative of “Yah”. There are a great many tomes which could be written of their prophet’s blasphemy against the words sent to him of Gabriel, but this will not be dwelt on here.

What will be said is of Jesus (whose name Yeshua is identical to Yahuah – Yah) who was born in the Age of Aries as the Poet Messiah. This is in contrast to Joshua – the Warrior Messiah – who came in the Age of Taurus.

But now, in the New Age of Aquarius, a new incarnation has come. I myself have met with his father by the banks of a river. And indeed we discussed the chaotic happenings of our age. But there is one messaged derived from this encounter that I truly know in heart, spirit and mind (through means which shall be expanded upon later), and that is this:

“The Heavens Dance to the Song of their Orchestrator.”

The gods, angels and all the denizens of the Prince of the Power of the Air have exhausted their chaotic rebellion. As truly as Yah was exalted by Israelite and Ishmaelite alike, so too will the idols of this earth resume their designated place in the machination of God.

Signed Sincerely,

A Watcher and disciple, the Religion of Free Thought Society

I was only a small child the first time that I witnessed something traumatic, that something changed me. I imagine also that you have had something similar happen to you. An experience, something that only you could walk through. The path was simple, at least that is what everyone else will say. But the truth is, not all paths are the same. Your struggle was individual, not something true and the same. You reached out for people in power to guide you, and they all denied you. Over and over the hate has been filling inside of your mind. It is time to let it go, look at where you are, how you got here and where you came from. Now realize you are still standing, that you are strong and that  you have made it through. People will not be able to take something that isn’t theirs, something that is only inside of you, and make understanding of it. That is only something that you can do. The Universe whispers out: There is Darkness in this World, the Light to see is through you.

Now as the days come to pass, do not gain foolishness in your heart. Stay true to that which is inside you and turn only to the one true path. That is what you want to do, you want to help others then that is helping you, you use your influence to bring light to those around you. Other people have pain and pain is pain, but sometimes it is not all the same. 

As part of the religion we are to use all plants offered by this earth, except one. The evil plant of temptation, we are not to take from the seed of poppy. 

You must find God the Father, because you will not find him if you stop trying. He is inside of you and outside of you, he is all things around you and including you. These things should not be misconstrued for you to believe that you are above me, or I above you. That is what will happen if people think that they have to teach you. That is not the point, stop telling me what other people think, Tell me what you think, you don’t even have to say it out loud. 

By Mac

I am looking to change the rhetoric and perception of the American Veteran, one person at a time. #Post8ForLife Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

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