Fri. Oct 23rd, 2020

Indoctrination of the nation. There are some things that Karl Marx has said that I think stand out and show why he doesn’t really know what he is talking about.

He should be discredited as someone who understands anything except his own narrow minded perspective. For example, why is this in their docterine?

“All forms of the state have democracy for their truth, and for that reason are false to the extent that they are not democracy.”

– OR –

“We develop new principle for the world out of the world’s own principles. We do not say to the world; cease your struggles, they are foolish, we will give you the true slogan of struggle. We merely show the world what it is really fighting for, and consciousness is something that it has to quire, even if it does not want to.”

These two statements almost contradict each other and it is true America is not a democracy. We are a constitutional republic.

Karl Marx in a classic masonic pose

Lack of True Understanding

Karl Marx did not seem to really understand suffering and this seems evident. His lack of compassion shows his lack of experiencing pain and suffering.

Teach – is to instruct especially in fundamentals or rudiments.

Let us examine the teachings of this real social justice warrior, who created an idea that cost the lives of a hundred plus million. Personally, I am glad that there are good people willing to stand up against this type of wrongful indoctrination.

“The representation of private interests, abolishes all natural and spiritual distinctions by enthroning in their stead the immoral, irrational and soulless abstraction of a particular material object and a particular consciousness which is slavishly subordinated to this object.” – Karl Marx

Guiding the Future

This is the very tactic being used by our teachers. Who we entrust to teach our future generations. The teaching is to immortalize the individual and place this notion that everyone feels pain the same, or has experienced similar suffering.

We all suffer, pain is pain. But, not all pain is the same.

Karl Marx was an angry man with a narrow perspective on life, probably from a lack of a father figure. He came from a wealthy background. Connection to wealth and perception of suffering from feeling of hopelessness from not being able to help everyone.

By Mac

I am looking to change the rhetoric and perception of the American Veteran, one person at a time. #Post8ForLife Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

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