Wed. Oct 21st, 2020

Growing up in rural America has given me a slightly different perspective of the American life. For those of you that don’t know “rural” is basically the country. The majority of Americans are from the country, because this country is massive.

I have also lived in cities, from California to North Carolina and everything in between. I served 4 years in the United States Marine Corps, deploying to Iraq in 2008 and Afghanistan in 2010. I have been afforded the opportunity to see life from the military perspective and civilian perspective.

What Really Matters

I am also a father, who is concerned with the direction the country has turned towards. It often appears that we have lost the moral fabric that was lightly holding us all together. The one were we valued friends and family.

We avoided gossip amongst social gatherings, now we gossip on social media and avoid real life gatherings.

People on their phones

I am not special, I have never claimed to be anyone. But I know what I have seen and I know what people have told me. It is hard to forget, I never have forgotten anything. All the pain and suffering I have caused others, I live with that pain every day. I do not try to cause more pain, the people I hurt I hurt in real life. If what I have said on a social media site or any site for that matter has effected how you feel about yourself or others, that is on you. No one can change what you think except you.

Skewed Values

My point is that I have seen for the last decade as our Nation has spun into one that is focused on nothing but media. Whether that be social media, or the news media, or just Hollywood media. The focus has always been on idol distraction. The focus has always been on the screen, at least I saw that pattern starting to rise as I grew up in the 90’s.

A lot of my friends are hackers, those guys seem to waste even more time than me. Why steal? Why decide to not work? Because you feel entitled? Well for me it has always been about working and trying to do what is best for my family. I imagine that is all anyone ever is trying to do.

When I was a kid I spent all my time in the mountains.

Close up of a muddy tire tread

The Freedom of Childhood

I spent my time riding my four-wheeler and before that I spent all my time hiking or hunting, fishing or doing what people call “mudding”(this is where you drive through mud, often getting stuck).

Country people do weird things. When I was a kid around 10-15 or so I often would go camping and have bonfires where we would drink and do stupid things. I liked riding my four-wheeler in the dark. I also grew up in the mountains and near sand hills, that we rode in often.

I was on the football team even thought I never played. Still went to practice and was part of the team, I played a little JV but the coaches hated me. I was the bad kid in high school, mainly because of poor choices and decisions that got me in trouble with the law.

Learning from Tragedy

I also come from a broken home. Never knew my father and was raised for the most part by my Grandparents, one of which who passed away when I was 18. He took phen-phen, that miracle weight loss drug, which ended up just destroying his heart valves. I had a step-dad, but my Grandfather was my father. He was the man that raised me to have the principles I have.

Marine interacting with two children

The Reality of War

Some will argue that I am a barbarian because I went to war, I went to war because I love America and my elected officials lied to me. Iraq wasn’t that bad for me, the real pain I saw came from Afghanistan. That one was the one that changed me, that’s where they gave me mefloquine. Plus the whole story of why we were there was a fabricated lie, the people didn’t even speak the same language. I will get to that eventually.

With war comes broken homes, I lost 3 marriages. I was only able to salvage the mutual agreement with my children’s mother that I will be able to be a father. She can’t stand me other than that.

My other ex-wife will never talk to me again and will tell you that I am a monster if you ever talk to her. Often at times I have felt that I am. But I went to war to become a better person, to provide a better life for my family. I never planned to be lied to and honestly regret serving because being in this toxic nightmare I live in 24/7 has consumed all of my reality.

Woman wearing a Made in America shirt holding a flag

It’s About the Future

I am not crazy, I confirm that as often as I can. What I am is concerned that we have forgotten that we are not all that exists, but we are the last ones that have freedom to help others take what we have from their oppressive governments. We as Americans could put our petty differences aside and we could united together in real life and help the rest of the world have what we have. Instead of hiding in fear.

To be continued…

By Mac

I am looking to change the rhetoric and perception of the American Veteran, one person at a time. #Post8ForLife Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

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