January 16, 2021


This is a step by step process & some of these forms are not in any type of order. Except the first, which is the one you need to start the process. Then these are the other forms needed to fight or substantiate your claims. First place would be to file a claim to get into the healthcare system. You earned this if you served, pretty simple. https://www.va.gov/health-care/how-to-apply/

I have some Vietnam Veterans who are good friends of mine and I often see them give up on entitlements that they have earned. Regardless of what you did if you went to Vietnam you deserve a 100% a 100% of the time no matter what. There are some steps to follow, once you get a rating in PTSD you can follow my steps below to increase to a 100% you just takes time and an unnerving amount of patience. Like standing post and never getting shot at. But thinking every time you stood post that it was likely you would get shot at. It takes patience to do everything, this is a process to help us from getting scammed because a lot of people are trying to fraud the Veteran community. People begging for money on the streets with Veteran signs 99/100 times are not a Veteran and that discredits us. We also wonder how often we find our services being tarnished by people who have never served, and do not understand what it truly means to sacrifice. Semper Fi my Brothers and Sisters, together we can help correct the course. We can create a better America by rising up and being the better Americans. But this also means you already fought, and deserve to get paid. You served the country and look at congress.

Here is a short list through the VA after you get a rating on Agent Orange you deserve 100% Click the link, it brings up the VA site right in this window then you can just click back.

You earned compensation, it’s already our right to complain. Look into the history of people who are willing to fight wars.

Compensation Claims

This is the first form will help start you down the road of getting compensated for your time in service. Whether it was war or stateside. You have compensation you could be entitled to if you suffered damages during military service.

Veteran compensation form
Notice to veteran/service member of evidence necessary to substantiate a claim for veterans disability compensation and related compensation benefits

Post Trauma Questionnaire

This form is a post trauma questionnaire, use it to help you get started on your paperwork process. Regardless of what the VA rep says, this is where you start. You can just fax this in, or take it to your local VA Regional Office.

Post trauma veteran questionnaire
Review post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) disability benefits questionnaire

Supplemental Claims

Now imagine you got denied, this will happen more times than approval. The point is to not give up, fight back.

Supplemental claims veteran form
Information and instructions for completing decision review request for supplemental claim


Use this form if you are unable to work and are trying to get your VA rating increased to a 100%. This will pay you at 100% while you finish your evaluations, but this is saying that you are unable to work.

Some of my friends don’t have legs or arms and are still able to work. This marks you permanently and totally disabled and fully unemployable. I would really think this through and if you take care of a veteran then they are considered 100% unemployable.

So this could help family members who are struggling with the VA and getting benefits. Because some Veterans are unable to work. All of us are different.

Unemployable veteran form
Veteran’s application for increased compensation based on unemployability

CHAMPVA Benefits

Now say that you are a 100% service connected. Due to service connected, this does not mean you can’t work. It just means the military caused something and you are entitled to compensation. You get your medical, dental and vision at the VA. Your family and dependents get what is called CHAMPVA, it gives them medical coverage that is equal to Tricare.

Application for veteran CHAMPVA Benefits
Application for CHAMPVA Benefits

Claim What You Earned

You served the country and you have always had these available to you. The MSM and Politicians want to lie so you don’t claim what you earned. That way they can spend the money on more pointless wars that cause you to need to go to the VA. It is just like doing 20 years in the police force, military veterans serve 4 years and if you get injured, poisoned or exposed to something you are entitled to compensation. Your family also is provided services, for dental and vision you have to pay out of pocket.

The truth is no one is going to hold your hand or do it for you. You have to admit that you aren’t the same and personally I think that people in congress should be in chains. Yet they give themselves endless raises because of the fake wars every one of us fought in. Show me a real war and I will show you its fallacy.

Service Record Request

This form is if you need a service records request.

Veteran service record update form
Instruction and information sheet for SF 180, request pertaining to military records

Service Record Update

This section is more for if you need to update your service record, which I haven’t personally done mainly because I do not really care. This will be able to help you update your military service record if you are missing any awards. This is Form DD-215 which you need to complete and fax or mail in.

Veteran service record update form
DD Form 215, Correction to DD Form 214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty