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Reflection Essay, ENGL-2010-X05, 24 April 2017

Invention: I Believe Writing is…

Writing is a tool to tell a story either about what we know, or something we see differently than other people in order to help them see what we see and why we see it. Meant to tell the story how we perceive it, whether it be our own story or facts as we conceive them.

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Invention: I Believe Revising Is…

Taking others opinions of what you already have written and revising it so there is more clarity and purpose behind your meaning. I also believe revising is making your story have more meaning by adding more descriptive words that describe the meaning behind your story.

Invention: I Believe Writing Courses Are…

Should be meant to be continued, in order to further your knowledge and education on effective and meaningful writing. I also feel like writing courses are good for practice because the more you practice the more you know how to say what you mean.

Reflective: Curiosity

I feel like this class has helped me explain the world as I see it, by helping me find ways for others to conceive what I mean when I write. I felt like one of the biggest challenges I faced during this semester was finding out who I am as a person, in order to show people why I am the person that I am.

Moon during the dayI have used this class to help me with my current job and explaining things to my employees in a better way, so that they have better understanding at of what I am meaning.

Writing What You Mean

I feel like this helped me by understanding the way writing influences people and the focus of your meaning by what you mean when you write. The research argument was one of the biggest influencers of change during the course because it forced me to ask uncomfortable questions to get the answers in order to find the meaning behind ‘why’ I felt a particular way.

I picked a topic that has affected my family and friends around me and focused on gaining meaning to bring clarity to my reality and hopefully bringing awareness to those reading what I write.

If people can understand what you mean through writing, I feel like it is a more effective way to gain understanding.

Reflective: Openness

One of the biggest influencers of change that I saw throughout the course was how it forced me to ask the uncomfortable questions. Not only to myself but those around me. I used the researched argument essay to gain a better understanding of my friends and family and try to see things from their perspective in order to help them and myself by gaining better understanding.

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I have seen a few changes in the way I think about others’ opinions on certain subjects discussed, but the biggest change I found was in myself. I figured the best way to explain is as such; I believe the only way to change is by changing myself daily and what I believe myself capable of achieving. I want to write to influence change within people and this class has helped me as a starting point to create my roadmap.

Reflective: Engagement

I only am taking a couple of classes and I have used this class to help with my other class and the writing that went along with it. I was focused on my own writing and I rewrote most things several different times. Sometimes I would even delete and start over in order to get my meaning across. I have invested a lot of time into perfecting my writing process and this class has helped me see what I have to do in order to be even more effective at writing.

Reflective: Persistence

This class has challenged my writing in a lot of different ways, it has forced me to look at my writing from a different perspective. Some of my writing habits that I have noticed the biggest change in was simply my run on sentences and learning better ways to end and transition from one meaning to another so the whole thing makes sense.

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I also like how I learned to add more words, to describe other words in my writing to help my audience gain a better understanding of what I mean. It helped me to explain in further detail of what I mean and be more effective so others could see what I was saying as I intended the meaning to come across.

Adjusting My Trajectory

Another habit I noticed that has changed and developed over the course of the semester was my inability to write what I meant so others could understand. I noticed in the past sometimes my writing would just sound like me talking rather than telling a story. So I have used this class to help me tell a story through writing rather than sounding like I am just talking through my own perspective. Being more descriptive and gaining a better understanding of the process of writing so people could understand my meaning.

The reflective essay is the one that pushed me the furthest in my writing. As I mentioned it forced me to ask better questions. I spent the most time revising what I was writing. When I write I tend to just get it all out the first time and then go back and reread to make changes. Then I revise from there based off others’ perspective to help me to get my message out more effectively.

Reflective: Responsibility

One of the biggest things that this class has done for me is help me be more descriptive in my story, so people see more of what I mean. Creating the imagination for them rather than leaving people wondering what I am trying to say in order to avoid confusion of my true meaning.

I hope my writing does have an impact on my social environment and helps people around me to better understand me.

I have stories that I have tried to tell verbally and have failed to get my actual meaning across. I figure that if I become a better and more effective writer, I will be able to get my meaning across to my intended audiences. Then they can grasp what I am saying and see my meaning in their own heads as I see it in mine.

I think writing is one of the most effective ways of getting people to believe what you are saying, so I have used this class to help me do just that. I actually want to write stories in the future and tell my stories that I have lived as I see them in my head.

Enlarging Perspective

Tell that to the Marines propaganda posterI was a squad leader in the largest coalition invasion of the Afghan war and want to tell my perspective of that story through how I remember it. I feel like writing is the most effective way to get my story out there for others to understand what I mean. Because the only way I have told my story thus far is through spoken words and because war is chaos there are multiple sides to the same story. To gain the ultimate meaning, I feel like it has to be written down rather than spoken.

I really liked the class text, ‘Everyone’s an Author’ because it set a guide for me to focus on and help grow my writing. Being able to tell a story not only from my perspective but gaining knowledge and gathering information in order to tell it from others’ perspective as well.

I used this class in my other class and I will continue to push my writing further and further by reaching new levels. By always continuing my education and focusing more on what I know and learning from others to help me grow. I actually would have to say that this class has taught me how to push my writing to the next level, so that others around me can see what I see as I see it.

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