January 26, 2021

Q for civvies

Q- it has acquired many meaning and definitions over the years, some of which I would probably be able to take credit for if you could trace it back to me. Who knows, maybe someone could. I know I am not, this was never about glory or recognition. That is not why people join the military. It is for something greater than understanding, something only people who have taken the oath truly understand. I for one tend not to think to much about it, the people I talk to are very intelligent and I probably seem nothing but arrogant, which people probably have learned over the years. I have an allegiance to an idea, something that only a few actually understand. Some people who take the oath sign up for a job that is dangerous, a job known as an M.O.S. you can google it, information flows freely. That could potentially cost them their life. When you take this oath you are guaranteed nothing, they make certain that you want to go infantry, and almost seem to try and talk you out of it. Which makes sense looking back on it, especially when you’re recruiter was infantry. He has some pretty intense stories, stories that I still remember to this day. You often wonder if an idea can impact you, sometimes you think about the idea so much it consumes you. Look at any religion as an example of this, you want to belong to something that other people are a part of.

So you attach to an idea.

You commit to serve, you swear an oath and an allegiance to protect the innocent.

You give everything that you have for this singular idea, something only those who have taken this oath truly understand. I do not say this to try and make any other persons dedication to a cause any less than mine. This is just something that is created, instilled inside of the military member. Especially the Marines which I was a part of.

It is a brotherhood like nothing you can imagine.

You attach to the idea of being all that you can be, one of the few and the proud. A United States Marine, not something many get to claim the title of so something that you can be proud of. You accept the person that you are, not the person you want to be. That is something that you strive towards daily.

Isolation is a choice, and you can decide to make it a gift.

You get to make that choice, this is freedom.

Not everyone gets to make this choice.

When I joined the Marine Corps I knew about what the world was really like, I remember growing up as a kid. I also listened to the stories, and I read their books and tried to understand where it was that they were coming from. So I began to feel compassion towards someone who I considered a threat, the government said they where and

the media portrayed them as such

So I went, I wanted to learn how to fight and I saw where America was heading with the Bush administration. When I joined the Marine Corps I had no idea who Barrack Obama was, I joined because I was suspicious that Bush had something to do with 9/11. I still have Questions, ones that will probably soon be answered or forgotten. As long as I know that justice was served, I do not care too much how these sickos go down.I wanted to fight for this country, so I did was any brave Patriot would do, and I joined the United States Marine Corps Infantry. I was on a path to a different person, I still remember standing on the yellow footprints just like I remember everything else. Those moments make me glad that I served, the training was fun and a lot of memories were created by guys who I consider brothers. Some of which are no longer here, so I feel obligated to tell their story, or at least from the perspective that I see it from.

Q is more than just a plan to save the world, it is a plan to liberate us from the prisons that we exist within out own minds.

This is my version of the plan, from a military, like a Marine Citizens perspective.

I give my view of the military side, and civilian side. I was trained in this type of warfare along with many others. All war is deception. But I am not hiding.