September 27, 2023

I just recently finished a degree in Communications last year, this was a paper I wrote for one of my international classes I had to take, it basically talked about cultural diversity. Guess what? America is the most diverse Nation in the world. In Saudi Arabia for example they throw homosexuals off roofs, that might offend some people…. Usually “facts” hurt “feelings, well it is time to toughen up and realize the world is way different than you realize. Most people are too simple minded to draw conclusions themselves, according to Obama we are “to simple minded to govern our own affairs,” he said that in a Builderberg meeting once, find the source.

So here is a reflection paper I wrote on;Power and Privilege.”

What is power, and what is privilege? For me, it seems that there is a disconnect of what real power is, within a Nation. Most claim them to be organizational, like governments or corporations. But what is “white power”, and what is “white privilege”? These are serious question that I don’t have an answer to. I like to think, “that what we give power too, gives power over you.”

So if you think you are oppressed, you will be oppressed. However, I read a quote once and I am not sure who really said it, but it stood out to me. “There are no oppressed people in America, just unsuccessful ones.” Which shows that people mostly want to be rewarded for things they did not create or do themselves. It is like all the virtue signalers claiming to support Veterans while also spitting in my mouth with their words of insult. You want to know what privilege is? It is being able to speak your mind without a government imprisoning you are stripping you of your natural rights because you said some mean and offensive words. You are privileged if you are reading this. You have access to the internet, I hope you learn something.

I grew up as a poor white American, who never met his real father. Does having a father make you privileged, as a father, I think it does. Our society does have some laws that need to be changed, that is a “power and privilege” afforded to anyone who is American. I think the real privilege comes from being able to speak freely, like Allen points out in the term discursive practices, we tend to reflect more on what we believe, rather than how things actually are. Most things do not have meaning, except the meaning we apply to them individually. Focusing on what makes us different, takes away from the “fact,” that our differences are what makes us the same.

Everyone is a minority. At least in America, and trying to make us like everyone else is going to destroy what made us in the first place. Accepting differences is easy, forcing everyone to accept why you are different, seems to be Fascism.

That is not to say that problems do not exist, I am just stating that it seems to me that if we focus on the problem, it distracts us from the solution. Now we are all “victims,” I have always been confused by the idea of “white power”, or “white supremacy”, what does white actually mean? I am not implying that there has not been racist people in the past, I do think it impossible for a Nation to be racist, only the people within any society. Black people sold black people as slaves, Irish immigrants were indentured servants. It seems to me that there are those who have, and then everyone else. There is always talk about raising the minimum wage, but I am not sure I have ever heard someone say, “we should put a cap on earnings”. I think money is what separates people, and coming from a poor family, I personally can not even understand the ideology of poverty culture, like I embody traits to keep me confined to my circumstance.

America is about opportunity we create for ourselves, not something, someone is going to hand us on a golden plate. I feel like Allen is painting more of a picture to show people that we are all different, and we can not limit ourselves to our situations or perspectives. You can see the class division, the one being orchestrated by the people who hold a monopoly on the worlds wealth. I think 10 people hold more wealth than majority of the world combined, but no one is talking about Bill Gates making way too much money, or Jeff Bezos, or the monopoly on “Truth” by the tech “gurus.” I am limited by my perspective, of my reality, if I search out to confirm my own bias and reject everyone else’s opinion, then I am part of the problem, which is what I see as the real problem. I accept everyone and I reject everything. Which means to me that people are people, we are products of our own creating. At least it is this way in America, other Nation states probably not so much. It is all an organizational hierarchy, where they flow the power from the top to the bottom, and use the bottom to flow it back to the top. The American “dream” could almost be considered a Ponzi scheme.

The only thing that has powers, is the power you give to things…… That is what binds you to a false reality, the fear of loss and the hope for something you will never have.