Fri. Oct 23rd, 2020

Is the name every doctor has given it, but they look at you knowing they can not understand it, not unless they have seen it.

I have a doctor that I see often, I have been seeing him for 9 years and I have had ups and downs along the way. The thing that people need to remember is to never give up. Have someone to help you sort out your thoughts along the way, trusting them is better, their intention is not going to be to deceive you.

Fight the Whole War

Giving up on the battle half way through the war is never a way to victory, but the war is never ending and the battles lives daily in my head. I am certain in the heads of those who have seen the horrors that war brings, regardless of what you think, you can never truly understand unless you have seen. However, people can help you see things the right way, the way they need to be remembered.

Ask for help, or you are never going to know how to find it.

For me the memory’s are constant, I go to sleep and dream about that specific day, 9 years ago this year. I blame it on a drug I took for malaria prevention called mefloquine, one of the side affects is lucid dreams. You are supposed to take the medication for just a couple weeks. All health information talks about almost every side effect I have now, also similar to ‘PTSD’, but honestly I am just sad about how messed up we have allowed the world to become. It is like we have forgotten how to be human and care for one another.

Exceeding Recommended Dose

We took the mefloquine for 8.5 months while we where there, until 2 weeks after we got back, every week. So 9 months of a medication with health warnings saying weeks (I imagine implying you shouldn’t use it for month’s) but they would probably deny it.

Soldier and children in Marjah Afghanistan
Soldier and children in Marjah, Afghanistan

The missions. The bombs. The shots being fired. Hearing my friends get blown up over radios. Watching as as we fought against an extreme radical ideology of lucid control and manipulated power, influenced by ideology. People have to realize they could be wrong, no one is always right and has all the answers.

Impossible to Forget

We were united to free the people of Marjah Afghanistan from the persecution and control of the Taliban regime. I lost friends and parents lost their children. Good men willing to stand and defend those unable to defend themselves.

They sacrificed everything so others could have the chance to be free.

Even if it is in another country they deserve freedom no different than me. I believe Liberty is an unalienable right entitled to all peoples of the earth. I believe all to be free from persecution and totalitarianism. That is what we are fighting against, and we will win. Evil exist in many places and where ever you go there is an American willing to fight against it. Men and women willing to stand for liberty, justice and freedom for all. Not just people of this nation but all nations.

Boxer walking towards lit ring

Plenty of Fight Left

We have come to a time were people are no longer held back by their ideas, but rather their individual beliefs about themselves that determine the type of person they will become. You can always change the person you are, by changing the way you think about yourself. For Veterans suffering from PTS this is probably one of the easiest ways to help you overcome the reoccurring tragedy, the never ending nightmares. You have to rethink the way you see it, you have to change the way you believe it.

You have to remember that we are never out of the fight.

By Mac

I am looking to change the rhetoric and perception of the American Veteran, one person at a time. #Post8ForLife Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

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