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Post Trauma is sad, but this stigma that “PTSD” is a disorder is absurd. Like obviously trauma is sad, war is not unexpected trauma.

I joined the Marine Corps infantry during a time of war, of course I knew I was going to see combat. Possibly take life in armed conflict, which is different than taking life outside the military. I am not a murderer, meaning I have never had the intent to kill anyone. The only intentions I ever had was to help.

Everybody Hurts

I have learned that usually you get trapped when the trauma is unexpected, when you had no time to prepare for it. Everyone has seen some form of trauma in their life, in some form or another just not planned for. Like a car crash, or a sudden death of a close family member. Trauma is trauma! It’s like pain, it’s all different. Something that is never the same amongst individuals. Not even two people witnessing the same event or even experiencing it will have the same outcome. I think this is important to understand. Because, ‘they’ want to group us all together, make everyone the same.

I use ‘they’ very vaguely in the sense that ‘they’, also has become a stigma to mean something other than the writer intended it to mean. ‘They’ for this example, will be ‘the powers that be’, basically whoever makes the overall decisions in regards to the wellbeing and moral of those in the United States Military.

Poster says premiers au feu means in French first to fight in English US Marines

First to Fight

When I joined the Marine Corps, I had ideas that the military was something founded on integrity and honesty, embedded in principles. They instill these values in you from the very beginning, as they break you down and build you back up into a United States Marine. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Marine Corps. I joined because I love America and this country, and am willing to do anything to protect it. Swearing an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

My oath never expires.

To me the country is the land we exist on, the nation is a compilation of the people of the land within the country. In America we are a Constitutional Republic, founded on democratic ideologies. We collectively agree that the mob cannot rule, as seen on TV (everywhere on media).

Man in a gas mask

Lied to and Poisoned

I did not join to be a test subject. People say, “But you volunteered!” They say this as I signed up to be lied to and poisoned, literally knowingly poisoned by my government. Had they told me from the beginning the things I know now, maybe it would be different? I don’t hold my breath for time travel and if I could, I wouldn’t change it anyways. However, that is not the point.

“In 2009, the Army Surgeon General and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense sent directives making mefloquine a last choice drug for troops and last fall the Army banned it for the approximately 25,000 Green Berets, Rangers, Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations soldiers. But since the neurological effects of mefloquine can continue indefinitely, troops and veterans may still be under its effects even if the drug has stopped being prescribed.” – Center for Health Journalism

The Message is Clear

This is basically saying, “DO NOT GIVE TO TROOPS IN COMBAT!” In big bold letters, but I was issued the pill for 8 months on a weekly basis while I was in Afghanistan 2010. I was in the Battle for Marjah also known as “Operation Moshtarak“, which was reported to be the largest coalition invasion in the war up to that point. The reports are skewed and I assumed no one will ever know the full truth of the battle, or what the purpose of going there really was.

An American Marine standing in front of a poppy field in Afghanistan

It’s All About the Drugs

The majority of the world’s opium comes from Afghanistan and I’m pretty sure the majority comes from that single city, according to wikipedia, “93% of the non-pharmaceutical-grade opiates on the world market originated in Afghanistan.”

The poppy fields seemed endless, in that small Afghan Village the size of Washington D.C. densely populated with what seemed to be 120,000+ people. Reports will never be accurate, a city that we promised not to use bombs in. This news report, outlines the lie. The fighting started February 13th 2010 and this report was April 2010. I remember the fighting picking up around that time.

No one spoke the same language.

This Shouldn’t Have Happened

Start listening to the video 2 minutes in talking about us not dropping bombs. Taliban were not fighting fair. They killed my friends and hid behind the women and children while fighting us. War shouldn’t even happen, but how do you free an enslaved people? The Taliban is massive, here is some statistics from Aljazeera;

“According to a report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), as of January 31 last year, 229 districts were under the Afghan government’s control, which is about 56.3 percent of the total Afghan districts.

On the other hand, 59 districts, approximately 14.5 percent of all, were under the Taliban control.

The remaining 119 districts, about 29.2 percent, remain contested – controlled by neither the Afghan government nor the rebels.

In February 2018, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani invited Taliban to “unconditional” peace talks, offering to recognize it as a legitimate political force in the country’s future.

The Taliban ruled out any negotiation with the Kabul government, and offered to talk to US officials instead.”


Weapon of War

So war is traumatic, I fired mortar missions that involved High Explosive rounds. Mortars are devastating, they also have different fuse settings that can increase the effective blast. Why did I even use mortars? And why did the people not speak the same language as the interpreters. There was limited communication.

Here is a link to some info about the mortar system, M252 81MM Mortar System

To me this is a weapon of war.

Mortars firing at night

So Many Lies

The point of this, if you watched the French news report (video above) is we weren’t supposed to use bombs and those kids talking about bombs falling from the sky is a reference to mortars. Obviously I did not work alone, but whoever lied should be held responsible.

I also understand that all war is deception, I am not talking about them, lying to the people of Afghanistan and I am sorry that happened. Rather I am talking about them lying to me, I was in the American military. They lied to us about everything. The people spoke a different language than our interpreters did and we of course spoke English. Trauma is sad and it needs to be discussed. But ‘PTSD’ is more than likely mefloquine toxicity and that should be addressed by someone who has more authority.

By Mac

I am looking to change the rhetoric and perception of the American Veteran, one person at a time. #Post8ForLife Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

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