January 16, 2021

Journal Entry: February 25, 2019

As you reach a turning point in your life you start to reflect back on everything that you have already accomplished. Is it enough? You start to ask yourself, and the question lingers on…. inside your head for what seems like an eternity.

We focus solely on the epicenter of our own universe and tune out the reality that is outside and all around us.

I built my kingdom inside of my own head and I can teach you how to do it also. If you just pay attention to what you read and do not be deceived, by even me or my words. Do not mistake them for something else! This is my own perspective and nothing meant to be personal, we are me, and me are all of we! So; we refer to each and every one another, in this way, the same each way that we, see each other.

Imagine a beach front, the waves are rocky like a storm is rolling in. Which it is from behind, so it is pulling the current towards. The waves crashing up against feet, as to look upon the distant horizon. The sunset, a golden hue. A beautiful chaotic discord!

The Storm is behind! Turning around to look back at the palace, that has been constructed on the beach front.

There is the storm, lightening and thunder raging, rain pouring down and always moving towards the shore line. But, never actually reaching anywhere near it. The palace that stands before, is an old victorian style house something from the 1800’s but big enough to fit a hundred guests. Have parties with thousands invited and still have space to move freely amongst the carnage. a party of unforgettable memories. Inside is just a space! You can move from space to space inside the whole place. They are memories of past events, we can remember as much as we want.

I often try to feel, what I felt back then. When the memories accord, and the nightmare began.

What if the human focus has to be on the light? For everyone to connect in the same space. They new we had to be connected so the power of the internet was given to the people, they used it to pollute our minds even more!

Filling it with nonsense and things that don’t matter.

We waste all of our time focusing on things that are completely out of our control and the point is to focus on the things that we can control, within ourselves.

We have to be the light that we want to see within the world, we have to be able to push ourselves past the point of everlasting darkness. The ultimate suffering, is an internal darkness that clouds your inner judgements. The point is; that you have to be willing to do the things required everyday, to get you to the next one.

Whatever that is you have to do, the best thing is to get it done.