Tue. Oct 27th, 2020

My Name is Phil, I earned my title in February 2007.

I graduated from School of Infantry and deployed to Iraq in 2008. Came back and did another work up and deployed to Afghanistan in 2010. I got separated under honorable conditions and started going to the VA for treatment in 2012.

I got charges for gun related crimes in 2015 and got sentenced to 1-7 years in state prison. (Land of the free, yeah right?) I have been all over the country but currently reside in Arizona with my wife and daughter. I work for a company called Fencemasters that installs chain link fences around solar fields. (easy money if you can take the heat)

I’m a strongman in my free time I enjoy bodybuilding and powerlifting and just recently got into CrossFit to help with my cardio weakness. As for political stuff I just don’t care about it. At all. Call me a sheep or insult me or whatever I just don’t give a fuck about politics at all. I actually don’t even care what others have to say to be honest.

I spilled blood for this country and I reserve my right to just mind my business and work for my family and I just want to live in peace and freedom and move impossibly heavy things.

I’m open on other Social Media for Veterans as a peer support level, just look for me on FB or IG

Follow me there!

Semper Fidelis!

By Soliz

I am Phil, I used to stand Post 8 and do other various Marine Corps tasks. Now I lift weights and change the world one day at a time. Post 8 for life. Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

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