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Inner Q


May 6, 2020

In your mind there is a station, once discovered you are open to endless possibilities and suggestions.

Creating your reality by formulating habits of positive action, dismissing negative reactions. Think of your station as a work bench for opportunity generated by imagination. Think of yesterdays distractions, misdoings and endless reactions. Isolating how you feel to change how you will deal with it in the future.

Sun setting over snowy mountains

Life isn’t hard unless you want it to be. So instead of telling yourself daily it sucks, or how could it be better? Tell yourself this is life, could it be better?

Of course it can be better, but it can only be better if you make someone else’s better. Personally, physically and mentally challenging yourself daily will help you isolate and control your negative perception of reality. Helping someone else do the same, while allowing yourself to be open to change.

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We Are the Same

Helping others move forward will always pull you further. Further than what you saw yourself to be capable of achieving when you started. You have to keep the end in mind and remember where you started, because that helps you repeat actions to determine how you finish. Waking up isn’t half the battle, it’s the start by try not to finish first.

Keep in mind that what you are doing daily determines what and how you end up finishing. You can either think you are successful and submit, but if you put your head down and never quit, in the end you will live with no regrets.

Snowy mountainsides

Helping others only helps yourself, changing yourself only helps others. If you wanted to change for yourself than you would have already done that, but if you change for others it will help you create your true self.

What you Really Believe is Who You Are

If you think you are a bad person in your head, you will project that as actions in your reality. Not only if you think it can you achieve it, but ultimately became what you see yourself. Say to yourself ‘what is inside me?’

As you dig deep into the fabric of your mind, pick out and harness what you find.

Focusing your thoughts will create your reality and if it is a person of sorrow, kill that past and move on to tomorrow. Create a new you by looking into your hopes and withholding desire. For desire is the fire of evil and corruption fueling your spirit with deceit, which will quickly turn to destruction.

Re-align Your Future Self

Distractions dictate actions, so you need to learn to control your reactions. If you react its ok, thats normal. Everyone reacts, but there is a difference in how you ‘react’ which is in contrast of how you ‘respond’.

Think of what you did and why you did it. If you are dissatisfied, then go ahead and change it. But don’t give up because then you will regret it.

Think of the time you first learned to walk, first you where laying on the ground, eventually you made it to your knees. Finally you could stand. However you didn’t just walk, you fell down over and over again. Don’t forget it!

Perseverance Takes Work

You fell down more times in those moments than anything you will ever do, but you never stayed down. You always kept standing up and moving forward and now look at yourself, do you regret it?

It is foolish to believe that what you think is something you can’t achieve. How did you first speak? How did you first learn to hear That is you, created inside yourself.

White clouds over a grassy field

Guiding, Not Leading

I am not here to show you the path, just point you to it. It’s not me that determines what is inside you, that is you. What is inside you isn’t defined by how you are or what you have and posses. It’s what you’ve shared with others that creates success.

Moments in time are that ripple effect, that which you do is going to determine who you affect.

That which you know do not hold back, repeat it daily sharing what you know by showing why you know it. The moment you think you know everything, you will soon and certainly find out you knew nothing.

True Focus

To listen, rather than waiting only to speak, never hearing a thing that is being said. Because your focus is distracted, your feelings dead. If you care you would give everything to those around you that have nothing.Loneliness is filled with self doubt.

Remember God loves you written in chalk on the street

Your perceptions is your reality, your reality is your world. Your reality is the world’s perception. If you think you are, you will be. If you want others to perceive what you mean, you have to have focus on the things that are internal and within ‘me’.

That’s what you have to tell yourself, so that others can see what you want to be. What you want to be is not what you always intend to see.

You will be blinded by others and misguide by self-doubt. You have to change what you think, before what you think changes you.

If you are going to create anything, recreate yourself and push past your self doubt until you clearly see what you originally intended to be.

Appreciate Your Own Sacrifices

Car on fireKeep changing the thoughts that you disagree with personally and ignore the thoughts of those who pester. Your interactions dictate others’ reactions.

So let go of what binds you, what reminds you. Push past that pain and accept it for what it is. It happened to you because it had to, no one else could withstand it but you.

Now look at you. Where you are and how you made it through. When you are looking back on that past self, remind them you made it through.

By Mac

I am looking to change the rhetoric and perception of the American Veteran, one person at a time. #Post8ForLife Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

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