i’m calling a general conference to discuss your bullshit
the God i serve loves checks and balances

for i know it’s true, in Jesus name, it’s the church that’s the apostate
’cause a lot of shit they be doing and talking about ain’t all that great

going around as the saints of latter days
fucking up people with their doctrine and crazy ways

gotta be worthy
gotta be holy
and who is it that gets to decide these things are in me
when my Savior gave it to me for free
works ain’t never saved nobody
’cause even Jesus died on a tree

my Savior was inclusive
but your church is exclusive
no homies and no homos
no coffee and no dildos
you think you’re worthy to turn up your nose
upon the ones He truly loves… yeah po’ folks and hobos

why do i need your recommendation to enter the holiest of holies
when Jesus hears me anytime especially on my knees

all your garments are stained
by the blood of babies aborted because you only teach people to abstain
listen to the prophet and stay safe
listen to the church and don’t use your brain
only read the jst
of the kjv

i have a pearl of great price and some words of wisdom
gay is the new black and God also loves them
hate evil but love your enemies
you’re not evil just because you love someone with your same weewee
He said that in that night two men will be in bed one will be left and the other one will be taken
so this idea that God hates gays, nah y’all are mistaken
serving others is how we emulate Him
but it’s not what we need to do to be saved by Him
yet from a lot of things that i used to see
y’all are the modern day Pharisees

greater than your doctrines and covenants and that other testament too
He said love me and others as i love you
then people will see
that you follow me
so when you were losing your tax break
new revelation about those niggers y’all decided to make
you finally let blackness be a part of the priesthood
1976 y’all started pretending it’s all good.
you love robbing people of their humanity
one man one woman is the new what’s right
when pre’76 it was simply just being white
you love robbing people of equity
shitting on their equality
and even still people know about your bullshit version of the mark of cain
so many people of color baptized but not worthy because of that “stain”
well i have a revelation for you
about the shit you did and still do
like hiding behind the church to perpetuate
is taking God’s name in vain
yeah your fucked up dabbling in the politics of cali
giving millions in money
to pass prop 8
bet you were sitting in the celestial room feeling so great
as if that wasn’t an act of heterosexism and hate
talk about the mind fucks you give
there was a point where having the “mark of cain” made me feel unworthy to live
i was so eager to please you
that i even canvassed neighborhoods to push prop 22
but like britney bitch i am stronger than i was yesterday
and i am no longer
under your spell
if y’all couldn’t tell
all of your requirements for holiness got me jaded
the facts of unauthorized baptisms of the Jewish dead shows y’all shady
the Spirit hit me one day
and showed me i’d be okay
after my break away
from you
never from Them
which is why i trust Him no matter what i go through

even now i am reminded of how the blood of david runs through me
that alone makes me worthy
and the last will be first and the first will be last
that’s why the mormon church is in my past
i am no apostate
being an lds lemming is not my fate
i am loved and blessed by the great I Am
so at the end of the day all of that mormon worthiness mumble jumble bullshit ain’t worth a damn

dr. b rossi…

This is a Poem From One of My Friends!

She is one of the most intelligent people I have met. She is able to help me see things through her eyes and you should realize that true eyes see the lies. It is easy to shout out and say “equality for all”, when your quality of life is unaffected, while seemingly watching injustice. Or justice even be denied to innocent humans of other nations, that live with out any reparations.

It takes a different person to stand for what is right. Our political deceivers, our Hollywood believers, our main stream media hysteria receivers have painted the people of color in this land as something other than what they are! That is people first!

They have wrongly subjugated the black community as something they are not, misrepresenting their message with something false. They have blamed all sides for the hate and discontent, they this use to cause divide. But the truth is, the black community is a small percent of the majority and the laws that exist are clearly racist. Why can’t we get rid of these racist laws? Why are there fascist police tagging along? When will all people stand as one, before we all fall, one by one?

I for one; have been done for a long time with the misrepresentation this nation has brought. It is time to put down the hate and look up and save our fellow humans.

By Mac

I am looking to change the rhetoric and perception of the American Veteran, one person at a time. #Post8ForLife Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

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