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Philosophy 1250, 27 Aug. 2018 – Lately I have felt pretty apathetic towards work. Work is supposed to fill up the majority of your time and you should enjoy what you are doing. To me though work should be more than just doing something to survive.

I recently quit my job and minimized my life to the point where school has now become work for me. After serving in the United States Marine Corps, I got into sales and found a passion in talking to people. But it gotten to the point where no matter how much I was making it seemed like always just enough.

Finding Purpose

I became apathetic in almost all of life, but when I really thought about what was making me feel the way I was feeling I realized it was work. So I changed what I was doing, dedicated myself to go to school in the hopes of finding what it is I want out of life. Other than just to live it.

One area in my life that I feel pretty dogmatic about would be the view I have on war. I have personally been to war, I was in Iraq and I also fought in Afghanistan as a Marine. Today people who talk to me about war talk to me as a matter of fact. Everyone seems to have all the answers and living in a society where you can just Google the answer, everyone also thinks they are an expert on the subject.

I feel like that if you haven’t been to war that your perception is going to all be based on someone else’s reality. How can you possibly know, when you have never experienced for yourself?

Man aiming a military rifle

Every Man Has Perspective

Because I have been to war doesn’t mean I know more than anyone. I am just saying that my experience is one from a first hand perspective and might have a little more insight than someone observing from an outside perspective.

I am trying to be more philosophical in all aspects of living. Life is philosophy in the sense that we should be living to discover truth and obtain knowledge. Coming at life this way has helped me cope with a lot of hardship and adversity.

Life is suffering and it is how we live life that gets us through the suffering.

I don’t mean we suffer constantly, but in one form or another throughout the day we will experience some form of suffering. It’s being aware of existence that helps us to recognize the suffering and see the beauty in living through it.

By Mac

I am looking to change the rhetoric and perception of the American Veteran, one person at a time. #Post8ForLife Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

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