January 16, 2021

3 thoughts on “Homelessness: Choice or Consequence?

  1. yes, i definitely know about the car apartment and washing up at chevron gas stations. i think your grandmother would have welcomed having you there and your company. glad you posted this 🤗

  2. Thank you for your comment! Yeah it was rough each time but every time I was homeless I was able to learn. I could have went to my grandmothers house but it was to far of a drive and I didn’t want to burden her if you know what I mean : (

    I am just thankful I had a car, I called it a 4 door mobile hotel. Helping people get cars would probably help people be able to climb off the streets faster.

  3. i am speechless…been homeless and couch surfing before…sometimes with a young child…i feel everything you are citing here. lived in my subie, subie, do too! thank you for your service AND this article.

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