Global warming has ceased since 1998. I would say that Global warming has continued since 1998 and that this statement is fiction.

Evidence 1

The first evidence I found was on, which showed a temperature timeline dating from 1880-2017 and then comparing it to another timeline from 1998-2017 that showed there was an increase of .14 degree Fahrenheit over that timespan. If the data shows that the planet warmed from 1998-2017 then the globe is still warming. (, 2019)

Evidence 2

The second source of evidence I used was taken from the NASA website in an article written by Dr. Amber Jenkins of the NASA Global Climate Change, in her article she states how data can be misleading when taken over short periods of times. (NASA, 2019)

Evidence 3

The third source of evidence I used was taken from a journal that was revised 12/06/2010 which states the facts. In 1998 “A particularly strong El Niño that year pushed temperatures far above the trend line” It also points out the evidence that global warming has continued since 1998 with claims that 2010 was the hottest year of the journals publishing. (Popular Consensus, 2011)

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