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I wrote this on my flight to the UK last year, I left on an anniversary day, 5/18/2019. My goal was to see the truth with my own eyes. I had bought the lies, I had feed into the propaganda. I had been consumed with my own false reality and all rationality was lost within me. So I had to find something new, I had to find something worth fighting for.

I went to Scotland to meet a friend who I had met online, someone who was seeking truth. Little did she know, I was seeking truth also. What I found was a friend that helped me see the world for the good it has. Before I was filled with hate and discontent, they literally drilled this into my head. Julie showed me a side of the world I had never seen, she gave me hope for those things that were, unseen.

Love All People

As I have lived, I have seen many things, I have met many people and I have been to many places. I have experienced what it is to live and I have learned to love everyone that I have met, at more of an individual level than a social level. Many times people have told me that they love all people. I find that hard to believe, as I have seen the true desire that resides in their heart. The evil contention that has sparked the shadow of doubt to cloud their existence.

Jesus healing the sickIf you truly love all people as you love yourself then you will share all the things you have seen with everyone you meet. It is like Yeshua said; “become Passer-Bys”, in my opinion it is time, to give living a try. Because he also said “blessed are the poor, for the kingdom belongs to you”. A simple miss-interpretation in my opinion, as it is impossible to find what is right in front of you if you forget to open your eyes!

Your Kingdom is Here

My god is no different than any other god, because there is only one god and Yeshua was his son. He will heal the sick, he will heal those that seek him, he is the savior and he will guide you back to the father. But, the kingdom you seek is not some far-off distant land, it is where you are right now and were you stand. He was no different than any man. He had a simple message, no different than you. You will find what you are looking for, when you ‘knock’ on the door and you open your heart to the possibility that you are not alone.

I am not talking about anything more than you, the person sitting next to you, whether it be a brother or a sister, the conversation you have with a stranger. It is one you do not have to keep secret! Share what you have seen, let what others have seen be shared with you. Many times you will seek out what you are looking for and you will not find it because you are trying to find something that is inside of you. That is outside and around you!

We All Suffer

You need to open your eyes and be kind to those willing to listen and cast out those that cause contention. I am not asking anyone to stand beside me or to follow me. I am simply pointing in the direction saying ‘look, it is this way and it is that way’. Follow me simply to the right message that is inside of you. When you find him keep going, you are not going to hurt my feelings if you no longer talk to me. I am going to keep going, I am going to talk to whoever is by me. I am going to praise Yeshua and offer his story, which to me was only a message I have received.

His suffering is my enduring. Meaning that we all suffer, so I can live if I make a mistake. I never give in to sin, we all paid the ultimate sacrifice. All so we could live! But you forget within contempt and you think only of yourself and I am not saying that it is all of you. But what is in your heart is only something that you can see and only you can forgive.

A semi truck driving in the mountains

Albert From Congo

I have met Albert from the Congo on my plane flight to New York, on may 17th as it turned to the 18th I had a conversation with a man who has seen this land and experienced what it means to be American. In the simple conversation, he has restored my faith to keep going. I feel a brotherhood that occurred only within a small conversation. I am partly deaf and always have a hard time understanding unless I am staring them in the face and watching their lips moving. I imagine bombs dropping next to my ears all the time, for months on end did not do well for me. I am never going to stop traveling, But I listened.

He is a truck driver and to me this is what makes America the greatest country on earth. Not because we the American people want to help everyone, but rather we are helping one another to make this a better place for each other. Yes we want to help everyone we can! However, we have to help only those willing to help themselves. We will provide for those who are unable, for the time while they find what needs to be done to heal for them, to collect their own bread. We will destroy anyone who wants to take it away, from anyone who is willing to work for their place here to stay.


I think it’s funny in America, everyone who was born in here thinks that they are ‘entitled’ to everything that they did nothing to provide for themselves. But the immigrant, they understand. They know what it takes to keep this nation great! They realize it’s the opportunity you create for yourself that helps you make sure everyone around you is provided for.

I spent to much time focusing on the hate and I neglected those who make this country great. People from other parts of the world who do not have water, or are not going to have food and constantly trying to take that which is not theirs. People coming here for ‘free’ stuff are not going to make anything better. Most people are not looking to make anything for themselves. They want you to do it for them, they want you to carry them.

Woman looking out the window of an airplane


Albert said 75%-99% of people from the Congo in some cases want something they did nothing to create. Which is a problem if we want to sustain. But help them learn to assimilate, do not turn yourself to hate.

Nora was from Hungary, who has traveled to America and is living in the UK studying math. Regardless if I drank to much wine and fell asleep on her which seemed to piss her off she is still someone I would fight for.

I have many more friends, this is just two people who got stuck next to me on a plane. I will explain the others later.

By Mac

I am looking to change the rhetoric and perception of the American Veteran, one person at a time. #Post8ForLife Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

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  1. Thanks Belle! You are an inspiration to some of my writings and I appreciate our friendship and insight!

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