September 27, 2023

Taliban Rising

It seems just like a dream at times. Sitting there in the hot desert air, days spent sleeping in fields of poppy. The compounds were spread throughout the city of Marjah; The Talibans, “last” stronghold. It was supposed to be the battle to end all battles, to put an end to the war on terror. But just as Osama bin Laden said somewhere once; “I want America to invade Iraq/Afghanistan, they will send me millions of soldiers for my future wars!” It is Hydra in Greek mythology, “cut the head off one snake, two more shall replace it.”  It is an endless cycle of ideas, from one man to another. The idea is rather oppressive to women and children. You think that eventually the children would out grow the hate and end the cycle, but they seldom do unless they come to America.

I have studied Islam, even reading many versus from the Quran. There are two main secs of Islam and many others. The main ones being;

  • Sunni Islam
  • Shia Islam

“The great majority of the world’s more than 1.5 billion Muslims are Sunnis – estimates suggest the figure is somewhere between 85% and 90%. In the Middle East, Sunnis make up 90% or more of the populations of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.”

“Shia constitute about 10% of all Muslims, and globally their population is estimated at between 154 and 200 million.”

It is the 1% strong arming the 99%

One small side seems to force their will upon the side of the many, often times pitting people against people based on their ideological indifference and enslaving others. This is not something that we should allow as a “Free People.”

Ideas should be expanded on, not used as systems of control.

So is this form of “Religion” one that is used to control, or help People learn to create?

This is something that we should ask ourselves…..

These are the ideologies embedded into the heads of the Afghan People, they truly believe that “Allah” has commanded them to do these things. If God is telling you to rape and murder innocent people, then it is time to find a new God. Morals are taught to a child and they can even be convinced that immoral behaviors are accepted, that it is ok to lie and deceive. The Afghani people teach that it Allah has commanded them that it is permitted to lie to the infidel in order to spread the word of Allah, who is God to them.

God has commanded, so we must do it, as if God’s law is absolute and not a choice, even infinite. But one must adapt a certain set of Moral values or they will be corrupted by desire. For them men of Afghanistan that is full control, to reap the reward of eternal glory and virgins in paradise. Depending on how many of the infidel you kill and if it is on a particular religious holiday, some believers think they will be rewarded in the afterlife. If there was a God, logically speaking then he would not concern himself with humanly affairs. We are not that interesting of creatures, my God just wants me to continue my energy source of light. I pass on my light to my children in a good sense and they light up this world. Kids born into suffering, create future suffering.

John Stuart Mills said, “Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without a protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name, and with the means which he helps to supply, because he will not trouble himself to use his mind on the subject.”

Tells us that men and sometimes even women, are capable of horrible things, we have to defend against evil people wishing to harm the innocent in any way we can, if we wish to be remembered as a moral person.

Had the media spoken about the other “nature” of the war, the one that inspired me to go, maybe the American People would have supported it differently?

This leads one to beg the question, what would happen if we did nothing? In Afghanistan you are able to marry a child as a fully frown man, Muhammad married a 6 year old, this stuff is often left out of most discussions. They rape, pillage and brutalize, enslaving their own People, someone has to try and stop this ideology.

However, when representative’s of the United States become self serving and seek to profit from the military, then that becomes a different problem entirely. Why is John McCain photographed with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, as shown in the picture below?

Here is one of McCain with Jared Rothschild. Is there a connection?

Anyways, the Islamic terrorists that we fought care only about money and power. You can see the truth for what the war really is from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, here is a picture of an Afghani National Police officer harvesting the poppy. I took this photo 12 years ago when I was living in the city of Marjah, supposedly the Talibans last stronghold.

I think that we can all see with the fall of Afghanistan that the Taliban are more in control than we ever imagined. Leaders hid themselves amongst the Army and Police and used the American military mainly to help fight their religious war from the inside. When the United States pulled out of Afghanistan, almost over night the Taliban took full control of the city.

How was this possible?