Watched a bunch of random documentaries in one of my philosophy classes in 2018. This is an assignment from March 15, 2018.

Here is my perspective on the documentary about racism I remember watching but the name has slipped my mind, tonight I am tired. So tomorrow, I will find a video and attach it to go along with my unsolicited opinion.

1. Share how these clips affected you personally?

I already feel that people of color are discriminated against. The white gentlemen’s responses only validated my belief of the ignorance (white specifically) people have towards people of color. If someone feels discriminated against, the person who is the accused shouldn’t try to justify the way he feels. He should change his actions and teach his children to be different so people can learn to treat everyone as equals. Because we are not equal and there is a massive crisis at hand at a global scale of people being persecuted.

In the United States where we claim to be the best and number one at everything, we should have better availability of education for all the citizens of this nation. Then we would be able to advance out and help save the rest of the world

2. What do you think Victor wants the White Men in this group to understand?

That there is ignorance in the idea that all humans are treated equally, it is clear there is a privilege. I have seen it in all classes of society. More specifically people of different shades, or poor. We are all equal in the idea that we have brains and the capacity to learn. However, it is clear that for the majority, the educational resources lacked in the past for them to access the information.

Now it’s in the palm of their hands and they don’t even see it! Because they are distracted by social media. It’s everywhere affecting the development of our frontal cortex where compassion and emotion come from. We have more borders in this nation than the borders that of all the other Nations.

3. Place yourself in context with current issues related to race in North America today, what political ethics are involved?

I think they are using it more as a leveraging tool and amplifying it through media and public bios. Causing us to divide ourselves and allow the political few who are also the elite few conquer and rule us. Using their power to influence the amount of resources or adequate help people receive who are in crisis.

I found this article when trying to gage a good stance on the current political ethics that are being used now to influence and persuade the masses. I’m not easily fooled but the article made a good point about empathy.

4. Can you see a relationship to Gender and/or Class? How about Social Contract? Foucault? Plato? Any others? Explain.

Yes, men have put themselves high above women in the social class of authority or power. For being a ‘modern world’ or the most advanced in technology we lack the understanding or willing to understand the fact that we are not treated equally and a class structured society has kept us divided. A few have somehow manipulated our laws to keep themselves in power and maintain the wealth within the hands of the few.

Social contract in a free and open society considered to be on top and less than 2% of the world’s total population. We should be more willing to help others around us, rather being concerned with how many facebook likes we receive. Women are spoken of in a certain way to mark them as incapable of maintaining or holding power in public office.

By creating a culture where people think it’s ok to assume every woman knows how to cook, clean and iron shirts and that’s their place or job. By the tv shows we watch and the media that influences us. Foucault and Plato grew up in a time where women had no rights and therefore I consider to be irrelevant to consider their opinion when it comes to gender.

5. Do you have any moral obligation to address historic and/or current racism? Why? or why not? Is there a philosopher from our readings so far who would support your position? Who, and why would they agree with you?

It is the right of all to stand up as a citizen and fight for what we believe in, but I feel it is my moral obligation as a citizen who did stand up and defend this nation with a rifle. To protect the people, prosperity and establish hope in the hearts of others by being a beacon of peace and security. I attached a picture of me standing in the middle of a war zone with the children of the city of Marjah the battle I was in with no gear on (yes I had a rifle but a Marine without his weapon is like a boat without a captain).

That’s at least what was in my heart while I was there, help others maybe. That’s how I live with no regrets and would gladly do it again without hesitation. I feel it’s my obligation to educate myself and then teach others what I know to help change this together. It is my duty to the nation to teach a moral obligation of my fellow man to have compassion for all no matter what the color of his/her/their skin color, age, religion or personal beliefs are.

People should only be judged off their actions and what they do to others. People should help, but I feel like the generation who conceived me has created a society where it’s all about me. We have forgotten that it’s never about me it’s always about WE. I think all philosophers would agree with me in one sense or another. A seeker of knowledge neither accepts nor rejects, just observes and reflects.

By Mac

I am looking to change the rhetoric and perception of the American Veteran, one person at a time. #Post8ForLife Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

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