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Steps to define a problem.

Number 1

To create a good group project generate a clear, concise definition articulating the precise problem and underlying causes.

  • Q: What problem are we looking to resolve within communication and organization?
  • A: Loss of communication through meta communication, i.e. social media- disconnect from lack of non-verbal communication.

Number 2

Brainstorm all relevant aspects, influences, consequences and tangential pieces of the problem

Due to the influx of social media use we have lost the connection of face to face interactions, which is causing a disconnect of actual communication. The increased desire for instant gratification will cause higher stressors on individuals and affect overall quality of life.

  • Loss of critical face to face communication skills (ex: hiring, firing, etc).
  • Increase in depression and anxiety, due to a loss of human interactions (lowers overall moral, and decreases productivity).
  • Decreases productivity in a job setting.

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Number 3

Identify and rank the aspects of the problem that are most important to be resolved = criteria for a solution.

Better understanding of meta-communication and the use of social media as a tool to interact in civil discourse, rather than being used as a platform for people to be heard.

Number 4

Brainstorm as many solutions as possible

  • More video communication rather than text messaging or single posts.
  • Face to face meetings where any issues can be discussed in person instead of via social media combat.
  • Group activities that specialize in teaching communication.
  • Have social media free zones, penalties and rewards for compliance.
  • Frequent breaks for use of phone or bathroom, etc.
  • Stop teaching children to use mobile devices in school. They learn this at home already.

Number 5

Identify and rank the solutions.

  • Classes taught in school on proper use of social media and a better understanding on how to use social media.
  • Frequent meetings for conflict resolution.
  • Reward/penalty
  • Breaks
  • Group activities every other month.

Number 6

Identify the best solution.

Number 7

Identify how to evaluate the solution by experiencing both face to face meetings and meta-only communication situations.


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