Fri. Oct 23rd, 2020

In my opinion we are being told misinformation that is useless, something that isn’t going to help us. We are being led by these so called experts into a mass hysteria of propaganda, something that is damaging to any society.

Educate Yourself

No one is doing any personal research either, seems like people are more interested in being told what to believe rather than finding out for themselves what they truly believe. We should look over the facts and come to our own conclusions.

Is the information the CDC is giving me on the Coronavirus accurate? How does it compare to the regular flu?

Or maybe we could compare to the CDC guidelines on zombies?

Uncle Sam zombie

Useful Reading

Better prepare ourselves with some useful information, here are some guides that I have put together in some links. As people have probably noticed, everything links to the current page and allows you to just click back in your browser. Here is a list of some PDF’s that can help you gather some useful information. I also would like to include a couple field manuals so you can be even more prepared. “Operations in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Environments”

Am I sick, or is this allergies?

Potential Symptoms of an Allergic Reaction Include:

Itchy, watery eyes
Itchy nose
Runny nose
Hives (a rash with raised red patches)
Stomach cramps
Tongue swelling
Throat closing
Wheezing (a whistling sound when you breathe)
Chest tightness and losing your breath
Feeling faint, light-headed or “blacking out”
A sense of “impending doom”

Woman in field of flowers sneezing

This is a list of possible symptoms of allergies, or an allergic reaction. So maybe you are older now, have allergies you never had before? Maybe the climate is changing. Who knows, let’s keep digging.

Because what if…

Biological Warfare

Better look into some more resources.

DOD MANUAL 3145.03

This seems important, right? ARMED FORCES DOCTRINE

By Mac

I am looking to change the rhetoric and perception of the American Veteran, one person at a time. #Post8ForLife Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

19 thoughts on “Coronavirus or Biochemical Agent”
  1. Thank you! I have been writing for over 17 years, but started giving out some of my stories and ideas for free this year. Thank you for reading and your kind words, Semper Fidelis Patriot!

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  3. Thank Jason, I agree! Vlad is a fascist Nazi. You Russians need to take your country back. Semper Fi Patriot!

  4. I am Jason, I live in tyranny and I appreciate your writings. I hate Russia and think that Vlad is a pussy.

  5. Thanks Kai, I love the rhyme and the motivation!

    Semper Fi! I agree Putin is a small man.

  6. I agree Den, and your brother and you seem like great American Patriots trapped in Russia. Do you have any contact with the traitor Edward Snowden?

  7. Thanks Mark, I also think Russia sucks. Glad you are commenting with high hopes to end your fascist government. I agree, Putin is a fascist.

  8. I am Mark and I love America, God Bless America. Please Save Us From Putin!!!!!!!

  9. I am Alan, and I have lived in tyranny under the Putin Regime. Thank you American Patriot for Speaking! God Bless President Trump!!!!!

  10. Sometimes I wish I was American, after reading your site you have given me hope.

    Thank you!

  11. My name is Amy, and I would like to point out that America is the best country. (way better than fascist Russia) Could President Trump come save us please?

  12. I am Kia and I like PIE…….

    America is one of a kind!!!!

    Please save us from Vlads small penis President Trump, Russia needs America to save us.

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