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Avital Ronell

What does Avital mean when she talks about “a dressing for the wound of non-meaning” with “emergency supplies of meaning”? The ‘norms’, what we believe to be socially acceptable or even just what our families, friends and people who may follow us believe us to be would probably be the “dressing for the wound of non-meaning” cover-ups and excuses.

What Really Matters

Because if you aren’t yourself then are you really living? So the “emergency supplies of meaning” would be Facebook likes in this society from what I see, people more concerned by how many followers on Twitter they have than educating themselves on the rights that all should be entitled to. More of a distraction of meaning rather than meaning.

I feel like she was saying we need to feel the struggle to grow and in order to find meaning we need to find our personal meaning. Which would be finding the meaning of everything around us, and admitting that we haven’t done enough.

According to Avital is it more difficult to be ethical with an ultimate source of meaning or without one? It is impossible to be ethical without an ultimate source of meaning. Why? Because if you have no meaning than you have no morality.

What does she mean when she talks about not violating others with our own understanding? Don’t force your opinions and beliefs on others, specifically if you disagree.

Everyone Struggles

What are Avital’s assertions about responsible beings? I think what she was trying to say in a more poetic way was to be responsible. You need to have the understanding of other’s struggle, by realizing your own struggle and just letting others be. Not trying to intervene and change others views rather try and understand others views by opening your mind to their thoughts and opinions. Rather just do a lot of work and be mega-ethical.

Do you agree? Yes. Justify. I think you have to struggle to grow and in order to be ethical you have to feel the same as the struggle of the less fortunate. By experiencing it yourself and realizing that you have never done enough for others so you keep pursuing to grow and help others. Not trying to know someone rather than reflect your understanding to know them as you know yourself. I do believe though in order to change a person’s perspective it takes the outside perspective of another person in order to change your bias view and see it from the perspective of someone else.

Peter Singer
Image from Mal Vickers under CC BY-SA 4.0

Peter Singer

In short summary, what does Singer have to say about ethics and suffering? That in order to be ethical we need a better understand of suffering. Rather than placing our personal morality on the possession of things, we focus on helping others and bettering humankind.

Modern Consumption

What are his ethical claims about consumption habits and mostly spending money? We simply have our priorities backwards, we shop for things that we don’t really need and we over consume things that we don’t really need. We over eat daily and spend our money on frivolous things instead of extending a helping hand to the fellow human in need.

According to Singer, can you be ethical only if you believe in god? No, he believes that in order to be ethical we need to question ourselves daily on our actions and how we take them and what we take them on. Making sure that we are helping others rather than just ourselves. As it is our moral obligation, do no harm and to help those that are unable to help themselves. Nothing to do with a god, just complete morality.

What is God?

What is your reaction to this position? I agree with Singer on his view of god or the idea of god. If anything I believe the universe is god and we are all part of it. So together when we finally unite as humans and stop fighting for our place on this map (there is enough room for all the humans on this planet in the country of New Zealand). Then and only then will we truly understand what god or the idea of god is supposed to mean.

The idea of helping others needs to come from within and can’t be driven into people from an outside source, like a bible or a koran.

What is God?

Do you agree with Singer that we have moral obligations to help as well as moral obligations not to cause harm? Yes. Why or why not?

I have come from nothing, I don’t know who my father is and I have seen the struggle of the average American by living the struggle of the everyday American. The question shouldn’t be if we can figure out if we can unite, it should be why haven’t we united and just start doing it? By open communications and no government of any few, just a people of nations working to better all nations and the citizens that reside no matter where they are.

At this point the opportunity should be equal across the globe. I have inflicted harm and I believe that there is a better way through communication. But a person convinced against their will is always of that same decision still. We have to show people how to be better by teaching people how to be better.

Martha Nussbaum
Image from Robin Holland (Wikimedia) under CC BY-SA 3.0

Martha Nussbaum

What is her ‘capabilities approach’ primarily about? Finding what people are capable of and if they are able they should help those that are unable and to find dignity in what they do for all. Having emotional, logical capabilities through life.

Basic Human Rights

Discuss Nussbaum’s thoughts on inherent dignity. Everyone has a right and inherent dignity to grow and help. To develop, learn and grow as a society and community, including relationships with all creatures. Emotional capabilities and living lives without views that you have to be greater than what you are capable of.

According to Nussbaum who is left out of the social contract as outlined by Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau and Kant, The poor or people who are not lucky enough to have been born into a life of money. Those who believe they are unable to do something because they do not see their own potential.

Basic Human Rights

How does popular culture define a ‘good’ member of society and in particular the ‘good man’? Someone who is willing to give what they have to someone who has nothing or very little compared to what they have.

What are some assumptions of social contract theories that aren’t necessarily true? That the parties involved are equal, that everyone has the same opportunity when in reality they don’t.

Do you agree with Nussbaum’s theory of justice? Yes why or why not? We are in need of a social reform, the media and politicians talk about the need for certain reforms which are forms of control. People need help and guidance not forced ideology and coerced decisions. In order to grow as a society we need to re-establish a more basic morality for how we see the world in our individual daily life.

Cornell West
Image from Gage Skidmore under CC BY-SA 2.0

Cornell West

Who is a philosopher? A lover of wisdom. West quotes Yeat’s saying it is harder to ___________ than to be a soldier on a battlefront. Why do you think he makes this assertion? To examine the dark corners of your own soul.

What does he mean by ‘capital T truth?’ Our inner truth, how see life and the truths in life. Why do you think we humans try so hard to hold on to certainty? An inner desire that fuels us to grow and a sense of certainty gives life hope and purpose, meaning and understanding for the unknown or the unseen.

Define what you think he wants for us to understand when he says Philosophy is for us to:

  • a. Wrestle with desire in the face of death, when faced with death will our desires.
  • b. Wrestle with dialogue in the face of dogmatism: more so that everyone has to be right even if they are uncertain or don’t really know.
  • c. Wrestle with democracy in the face of structures of domination and concentrated power (patriarchy, white supremacy, imperialism, etc)?


The evolution of life is something that has to happen for the human race to continue. I believe that we need to evolve the way we think as a race in order to survive. Move beyond the idea of a singular entity having so much control over us.

Start working to live for more people than just the people you seen around you, by trying to learn how to just do better.

I believe it is important for humans to stop killing each other over our place on the globe and start working to improve the places on the globe that others live. In order for humans to all have the same opportunities, which is to just have the basic liberties entitled to everyman. The access to food, water, shelter and prosperity.

Opening my mind to new possibilities different from my own bias view. People are people and the freedoms to learn are the rights of all mankind, knowledge is power. I have been going to school for 10 years and I think education is something that people should do continuously.

Avital Ronell image from lotu5 under MCC BY-SA 3.0

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