Wed. Oct 21st, 2020

November 2015 seems like just a jaded memory, looking back on those years before. I know now more than ever that we were chosen. The cover photo was just one of many….

I was working with this guy I had met doing a call center job, I was always good at sales and he seemed to be cheating. But whatever, I guess people can do what they want. “Merica, or something like that.

15,000 followers was a lot, and I was just going to troll……..

I started sending out DM and other public tweets containing information about corruption and scandals. I had a lot of followers what better way? This was kind of like my pitch I used door to door back in the day when I sold home security. I have most of them written down on paper. So I will spare people the details of the script, and just move forward.

The date was on or around December of 2015, I was laying in my friends basement staring at the ceiling wondering how the hell I had gotten myself into this mess. Might as well troll the internet and post some flashbacks.

Flashbacks of war are not the same for everyone, and I am almost certain that my memories are exactly how I wrote them down. I have been writing for decades, and all my memories are written down into books and letters. It is how I remember things, that and pictures.

Who was #Panda?

Seth Rich was a DNC staffer who was working to find voter trends and help predict patterns. I am sure he was a Patriot just doing a job to try and advance his career. This is the American way, and screw anyone who says “his family said not to say anything.” Well I am sorry but that is just not my concern, he died, and why? if he was the source of the emails that his huge, “YUGE”…. Really it is when you think about it. All sources are starting to show that the source was not an outside hack, rather an internal download. So; who sent me the emails in 2015? Because December 2015 came fast, and I was using social media to paint a story of how I felt inside of my head, most people in reality never see this side of me. The twitter troll, who went through 6 different accounts; I will highlight them below:





5:You even overlap and begin to forget what accounts were even yours, having conversations with yourself on a public platform is hilarious.

I seemed to go from account to account just like I did house to house when I was knocking for security and solar, or when I went compound to compound in war, or street to street house to house kicking open doors in Iraq.

You have to open a door, oftentimes when you are looking too close one. Doors are revolving so they seem to open the way you walk out.

By Renee

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